Hiroshima and THE BOMB !

Hiroshima and THE BOMB !

PBS in Maryland carries a Japanese network on its 4th sub-channel. Today they’ve had several segments crying and moaning about the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. You’ll excuse me if I am not impressed nor, for that matter, overwhelmed with feelings of guilt about it. That does not mean I do not have empathy for those who died, were injured or lost love ones.

I also have empathy for the millions of Asian civilians who were brutally murdered by Japanese forces trying to subdue Asia. This would include Chinese civilians who participated contests between Japanese soldiers to see which soldier could cut off the most heads in a given period of time. It would also include American, Dutch, Filipino and British military who fell into the cruel hands of Japanese captors. So, too, would I have empathy for thousands and thousands of young Korean girls forced to serve Japanese soldiers as “Comfort Women” (aka sex slaves) to service Japanese soldiers – often brutally.

One of the segments showed a Caucasian woman sobbing during a tour of a Japanese Hiroshima Museum. Too bad there is no Japanese WW2 Atrocity Museum. I’d like to see that woman’s reaction to a Chinese baby impaled on a Japanese bayonet being waved back and forth like a flag.




OK, there it is right there at 636 E 35th St, Chicago, IL. It is a giant monument to slavery advocate Stephen Douglas. Maybe they gave him such tall monument because he was so tiny both physically and morally. There are probably a dozen other monuments to this moral pipsqueak around the country. Leftist historians have been trying to get him off the hook for his leadership in the fight for slavery for many years. But his opponent in the 1860 presidential campaign, one Abraham Lincoln, pegged him as one of the 4 greatest proponents of slavery in the US.

It is quite curious then that the black uniformed fascist imbeciles of “ANTIFA” have shown not the teeniest tiniest interest in ridding society of this monster. They would rather attack the poor Confederate schlubs who were mostly dirt poor farmers and never even owned a slave, but who have been memorialized in some kind of public display to recognize their sacrifices.

BTW, our nation is also littered with monuments to the other 3 slavery advocates identified by Lincoln – Roger Taney, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Those monuments, too, seem quite safe from the wrath of ANTIFA.




For 4 days after a number of obscene crimes in Baltimore, Cummings had nothing to say. But within 2 hours of Trump’s tweets he found his voice. Baltimore is one of the most violent and corrupt cities in the US and everybody in Baltimore knows it. But Trump points it out and suddenly every Democrat considers it Eden. Let’s make this simple for the Trump haters – YOU NAMED A “YOUTH EMPOWERMENT CENTER” AFTER A DRUG DEALER. And that was after the City States Attorney tried to railroad a bunch of Cops in relation to the whole thing. Baltimore, Philly, Chicago et al are just part of the Democratic Party Plantation System (the DPPS). What more needs to be said.


If you’ve read my Blog entry about climate change at


you may recall that scientists – real scientists – say that the earth has been in an”ice age” for several million years. In the last 350,000 years the earth has experienced 3 and a half cycles consisting of 3 “glacial maximums” – periods where the earth’s temperature has dropped very low and 4 “glacial minimums” (AKA “interglacials”) wherein the temperature became warm.

The glacial minimum we are currently in today has been characterized by rising temperatures that began at the end of the last glacial maximum about 20,000 years ago. The temperature of the earth today is still nearly 3 degrees COOLER that the average peak temperature for the previous 3 glacial minimums.

During the previous glacial minimum, about 125,000 years ago, enough ice had melted so that a thick layer of coral reef formed about 25 feet above today’s sea level. BTW, that could only happen if the sea level was 25 feet higher than it is today. That layer has been quarried for over 100 years to build municipal buildings in Miami. If you can track down one of those buildings today you can touch a coral reef that prospered 125,000 years ago. Even then, 125,000 years ago, the temperature had already peaked 3 degrees higher than today’s temperature and it was beginning to cool down.

That was the beginning of the glacial maximum between the glacial minimum I just described above and today’s glacial minimum that we are in today. That glacial maximum reached its lowest point about 20,000 years ago. By then enough water had been locked up in ice so that 17 million cubic miles of ice were sitting on the North American continent. The weight of that ice is estimated as 68,000 trillion tons. Almost all of that ice came from the ocean and so the sea level was about 470 feet lower than today. What we call “Florida” today had about three times as much land area as it does today and off the coast of Miami there is a dead coral reef 450 feet below today’s sea level. Keep all that information about Florida in mind the next time you hear that global climate warming change will cause flooded beach-side streets in Miami to submerge.

You may have heard of an event about a 1000 years ago called “the little ice age.” Keep in mind that although we are in a series of up and down temperature cycles, there are constant interruptions where temps go up during a cooling cycle and vice versa. In fact, the little ice age is dwarfed by an interruption in the current warming cycle about 12,000 years ago (a blink of the eye) when the earth’s temp dropped more than it did during the little ice age in less than 100 years and stayed that way for 1000 years.


On February 27, 1860, Abraham Lincoln, before he became the Republican nominee for the presidency at the GOP convention scheduled for May, spoke in New York at the Cooper Institute.

He addressed the policy of the Democratic Party. He said, “Your purpose, then, plainly stated, is that you will destroy the Government, unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the Constitution as you please, on all points in dispute between you and us. You will rule or ruin in all events.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Ask yourself, how many of the foreigners Trump is trying to negotiate with are holding out hoping that Trump will be weakened by all the opposition of the Democrats and, yes, even some Republicans, so that they might be able to get a better deal?

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves …”

A baby bird inside the egg has a little hook on the end of its beck that disappears as it grows. How does the bird inside the egg know to use that hook to free itself from the shell? When a baby mammal is born it has a natural “instinct” to suckle. How does it know to do that? A spider emerges from its egg knowing how to spin a web. Since its mother is dead it cannot learn that from her. How does it know how to do that?

Scientist’s have said for some time that most of the genes in DNA are just “junk.” But somewhere, lurking among our genes, is not only the instructions to make a bird or a mammal or a spider, but some sort of genetic programming that tells the creature how to get started. How to eat, how to react to certain stimuli and even how to walk, crawl, swim or fly.

There’s a Nobel Prize and at least a million dollars awaiting some smart young Turk who figures out how that programming works and how to decode it.


Those few who read my posts on Facebook or read my Blog probably know my disdain for the so-called “scientific consensus.” Well, actually, it’s not so much the scientific consensus itself as the way academia and politicians weaponize it to seize power and people’s money regardless of its truth that irritates me.

I have cited numerous instances in which academics and politicians have crushed those, commonly called “deniers” today, who try to expose false consensus. But there are also instances where the scientific consensus is not weaponized, but is useful to know about because they reveal the extent to which scientists have feet of clay – i.e., how dumb they can be.

Case in point. In the 1960s a Russian climatologist named Budyko published a theory that if the earth ever became completely covered in ice it would remain that way forever. The theory made a lot of sense. That is, until field researchers uncovered evidence that the earth had become a “snowball;” probably more than once. As scientists examined ice cores taken from Greenland and Antarctica, sediment cores from the ocean floor and other sources, the snowball theory melted to “slush.” And the number one candidate for the cause of snowballing the earth – volcanic eruptions. And the number one candidate for the melting of the snowball – volcanic eruptions. Ain’t life grand!