Am I the only person who is sick and tired of the Gregorian-esque chants or teenage poet laureate recitals in TV commercials and PSAs these days about “caring” about others and “respecting” others and “unity” with others? I was able to manage those capabilities for 50 years with not a bit of help from these people. All I needed was the Bible.

The fact is that what they really believe – what they want you to do – especially if you are a conservative, is to give up your beliefs and accept their liberal standards of belief. Period. It is WELL DOCUMENTED that conservatives give a greater percentage of their income to charitable organizations than liberals. It is even documented that conservatives “TIP” better than liberals. Liberals want to manage your giving. Without your consent, BTW, and give it to causes they think are “deserving” and, BTW, “diverse.” So, if you feel that you don’t care as much as you should, you have a choice. If you feel so afflicted you can take advice from some chintzy puny cheapskate liberal or the Creator of the Universe. Just get yourself a Bible and start reading it.


OK, here’s the thing. I spent a while searching the internet trying to find some meaningful data on the killing of unarmed Blacks by Cops. You might think that would be easy, but you’d be wrong. Almost everything you find by Google search is by groups who, quite literally, want to make Cops look bad so they obscure the data in ways that do that. I finally decided to go with some pretty clear data contributed by the ultra liberal Washington Post.

According to the Post, between 2015 and August 2019, 285 unarmed Blacks were killed by Cops in the United States. Meanwhile, in a single year – 2019 – in a single U. S. City – Baltimore – there were 348 murders. These were almost all murders committed by Black men. Almost all the victims were Black and most were young men.

So today, as you hear reports of all left wingnut groups marching in the streets of America’s cities or the Colin Kraperdinks of sports are taking a knee, give a thought to the thousands of young Black men who will be murdered in those cities by other young Blacks this year unmourned as those left wingnuts are in their University safe spaces sucking their thumbs and praising Marx, Alinsky and Howard Zinn.


Let me take you back to the late 1970s. Jimmy Carter is POTUS. I know this is hard to imagine, but bear with me. Iran is a modern forward looking country. It is run by the Shah. Overall the Shah is popular, but there is a small militant segment of the population who hate the Shah because he has embraced Western influences and they want an Islamic run theocracy. Remember, they are a tiny minority. But as so often happens the western media has inflated their importance no end. You know, the way in the early 60’s they made Castro seem to be a democratic and heroic figure. Anyway, the Shah has a “SECRET POLICE” bent on shutting down this tiny militant group.

So, Jimmy becomes President. And Jimmy “feels the pain” of that minority in Iran. So he changes the policy of the US of A to encourage the Islamic minority in Iran who, with the help of the lamestream media, manage to overthrow the Shah and usher in the much loved Islamic Republic. Now, ask yourself this, do you think the people of Iran are happier now than they were under the Shah? Do you think the people of the Middle East are happier now with the terrorism stirred up by the Iranian regime for 45+ years? Do you think the million plus Muslims who died in the Iran – Iraq War are in a better place? Do you think the “SECRET POLICE” now at work in Iran shooting demonstrators today (and since the Shah departed) are more beloved by the people than the SAVAK under the Shah?

And now you know why it took such a heroic effort by Obama to unseat Jimmy as worst President ever. Although Jimmy made it even tougher when OPEC turned off the oil valve and Jimmy assumed it meant the world was running out of oil. But Obo did it!



Last week I posted a quote from Ida B. Wells – “Eternal vigilance: the price of liberty.” Was your first thought, “Who in the world is Ida B. Wells?” Who indeed?

Ida Bell Wells was an African-American investigative journalist, educator, and an early leader in the civil rights movement. Born into slavery in Mississippi in 1862, Wells was freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. She was one of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Wells arguably became the most famous black woman in America, during a life that was centered on combating prejudice and violence, who fought for equality for African Americans.

Never heard about Ida in a Black History Month TV feature? You didn’t learn about her in high school or college? That’s impossible. She was a giant of the struggle for Civil Rights for Black Americans. Could it be? Is it conceivable that she could be overlooked? No she’s not overlooked. She’s been and is being buried by the lamestream media and the Demoncratic apparatus. Ida B. Wells was a conservative Republican who spoke “truth to power” as no Demoncrat would recognize it and would flee in horror if they did. Imagine how a Demoncrat would react to this quote from Ida – “A Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give.”

Do yourself a favor and edumacate yourself about Ida. She’s on Wikipedia and numerous other sites.


This evening’s CBS News clearly demonstrated the depths of depravity to which the lamestream media has descended. Host Nora O’Donnell was discussing “Person of the Year” Greta Thunberg and her Twitter tussle with President Trump. The reporterette she was talking to described Trump’s criticism and ended by saying, “this even though the President insists his son Barron should be ‘off limits’ to criticism.”

Well, Ladies, though it appears you are so so stupid that you don’t see the difference, I will spell it out for you. Barron does not go around giving political speeches and criticizing Demoncrats at politically sponsored events and the UN as Ms Thunberg does incessantly. It is beyond me how anybody who can read a script cannot understand that simple concept.

I wonder if Nora has any young kids. Maybe somebody should unleash a campaign against them. What do you think about that, Nora?


Beaver at the breakfast table after getting caught the previous day skipping school with his buddy, Larry –

JUNE – “Who was on the phone, Beaver?”

BEAVER – “Larry Mondello, he’s coming to pick me up.”

WARD – “Now, Beaver, there’s not going to be any nonsense on the way to school this morning.”

BEAVER – “Gee, no Dad.”

JUNE – “Beaver, do Larry’s mother and father know what happened on the way to school yesterday?”

BEAVER – “Oh, sure Mom, they know what happened.”

WARD – “I hope he was smart enough to volunteer the information.”

BEAVER – “Yes sir, he volunteered.”

WARD – “As soon as he got home?”

BEAVER – “No sir, after his father started walloping him. Pass the bread, please.”


I was having a conversation with a 30-something the other day and was surprised to find that Civics is no longer taught (at least in Anne Arundel County, MD) in schools. He also told me that History is a joke in those schools. I found this most disturbing. There seems to be a policy in the education world these days saying that some courses are no longer important for students to learn.

What struck my mind was a book I read a long time ago. I can’t even remember the title or the author. The book, or some portion of it, talked about aspects of the lives of the Founding Fathers. One thing I especially noted was that most of them were fluent in Latin. Or, at least, as fluent as one can be in a dead language. Some of them, who for various reasons, had limited educational opportunities, were self taught in the subject. Some were similarly knowledgeable in Greek, French and/or German.

The connection between my conversation and my recollection is this: Latin is no longer taught routinely as it was in the time of the Founding Fathers and it was not 50 or 60 years ago when I attended school. The reason is precisely because it is a dead language and no longer considered useful to learn. But it was just as dead 300 years ago when the Founding Fathers thought it important. And regardless of what the commie pinko fascist left wing Howard Zinns of this world propagandize, the Founding Fathers were great men. They were not perfect – no one is. But they were great.

I suspect that many of you, like me, get steamed when you read these stories about little children being suspended for showing a “finger gun,” or some other blatantly ridiculous reason. Or for a teacher to be fired – to lose his/her livelihood – for refusing to use a child’s “preferred” gender ID. You hear about these events from time to time because the media reports them. But how much do you hear about Civics no longer being taught. A story like that would be lucky to make the local TV news.

Those few of you still reading are probably wondering what in the world the point is. The point is that much more destructive things are going on in our school systems than reach the popular media. And both the well known and little known damage to YOUR children’s education are ALL the result of the local school board. I have pointed out before that there are over 13,000 school boards around the US and everything in your children’s curriculum is decided by their school board. And every member of every school board is either elected directly or appointed by someone who is directly or indirectly elected.

This means that if your school board is full of commie pinko fascists, they only got there because of voters. Voters like you. I’m 73. I will not be around to see the terrible results of these school boards’ decisions in the future. But you may be. If you care you need to find out how your school board members get on their boards. Once you find out use that information to educate your vote. I know this rant has been rather long, but I think it’s important for the future of our country. If you agree, please share this with as many people as possible.