Well, yesterday county officials announced that the county schools that do not have air conditioning will not open today – the first day of classes. City officials announced that city schools will close early today because of the heat.

All very interesting. Neither the elementary school I attended nor the junior and senior high school I attended back in the 50s and 60s had any air conditioning beyond opening the windows. My sister, who has an uncanny ability to remember such things, assures me that we never got off because of hot weather.

Those of us who lived in dorms on what was known as “The Hill Area” at the University of Maryland had no air conditioning. So when classes were over we could not even find refuge in an air conditioned home. I cannot remember having any classes in an air conditioned classroom at Maryland, but with such a large campus I cannot say that there were no air conditioned classrooms. I can certainly remember sitting in classes in late May with a pen in one hand and a hanky in the other.

All of this brings to mind a comment I added to a posting a few weeks ago. My comment revolved around a situation in the 1960s when the courts ordered the State of Maryland to reduce overcrowding in Maryland’s prisons. Maryland proposed that they would acquire a surplus Navy troop transport and use it as short term incarceration for prisoners who were very close to being released. The court rejected the plan because the ships to be acquired were NOT air conditioned. Again, very interesting. Thousands of American Army and Marine personnel were crowed into these ships, NOT in balmy Baltimore Harbor, but in the South Pacific about 2 inches from the equator. I had two uncles who spent nearly a month so confined.

I guess the only “safe space” for a snowflake these days is the refrigerator freezer.



OK, I’m going to say it. John McCain was a hero – a long time ago. For at least the last 20 years of his life he was a jerk. During the 2008 Presidential election the same Democrats who are now praising McCain to no end created and used a canard that McCain was a hotshot thoughtless coward who caused a fire on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal in 1967 that killed 137 sailors. Then, because his Father and Grandfather were both Admirals, the Navy covered up his deadly shenanigans.

That Democrat Lie, like so many Democrat Lies, reminds me of the so-called “Steele Dossier.” The first time I heard this McCain lie, I had already read the book “Sailors to the End.” That book is not about McCain – it is about the overall tragedy of the fire and its aftermath. Within that story McCain’s actions are recounted and they truly are HEROIC. I did not have the platform of Facebook or my Blog at that time, but I took every opportunity available through email and comments to articles on the internet to counter the Democrat Lie about John McCain. As to McCain’s time as a guest at the “Hanoi Hilton” I have heard criticisms of McCain’s actions, but I believe the evidence overall supports claims that in that, too, he was HEROIC.

After his military retirement McCain entered politics and became a regular fixture in Washington. Sometime – I think in the 80s before I paid much attention to politics – he became one of the so-called “Keating Five.” That story was about the collapse of a savings and loan institution that cost many depositors their life savings and the American taxpayer over 4 billion dollars. That was when a billion was real money. McCain and John Glenn were reprimanded by the Senate for their participation in this folly.

When George W. Bush became President, McCain took a number of opportunities to “stick it to” Bush. I ended up sending a number of very critical emails to the Senator each time he did that. When Trump ran for President he made some, shall we say, inartful comments about McCain. McCain took those comments personally and I don’t blame him. But if you’re going to play big boy politics you need to put principles and the people of the US ahead of personal dislike. Instead, McCain has taken every chance to “stick it to” Trump. Even to the point of making a big show of voting against repeal of ObamaCare. This, even though, he made it a major promise as part of his 2016 campaign.

So John McCain started out as a hero and ended his career and his life as a jerk. Go ahead and write your nasty responses. I don’t care. He has made it possible for the same Democrats who lied about him in 2008 to “weaponize” his death in the same way they weaponized the death of Paul Wellstone. This time it will hurt Trump in a way that will almost certainly end up hurting the American people.  And any American who knowingly takes an action that will hurt the American people IS A JERK.


I heard on the news today that John McCain’s family has told Trump that he is ‘persona non grata’ at the Senator’s funeral. This is quite interesting.

Quite welcome at the event will be a bunch Democrats, mostly Party leaders. Why do I find this interesting? Trump has made some ‘inartful’ comments about McCain. Not surprisingly, McCain took those comments personally and has not missed an opportunity to “give it to Trump.” In 2008 those same Democrats who will be welcomed to McCain’s funeral and who will lionize him no end invented and promoted a canard – a big lie – about McCain. The story was that young Naval aviator McCain was a careless showoff whose recklessness started a fire on the USS Forrestal while stationed off Viet Nam that killed over 130 sailors. Then, because his Dad was an Admiral, the Navy covered up his misdeeds. Like the so-called “Steele Dossier” this story was a complete fabrication peddled by the Democrat Party. Apparently McCain’s family has no problem with this story. Or maybe it’s just another opportunity to “give it to Trump.”

Here are some facts. McCain was a hero both in his time at the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ and aboard the Forrestal when the fire occurred as I have detailed previously on this Blog which can be found by searching for the string “Forrestal” if you’re interested.

Being a hero does not constitute a free pass to say and do stupid things. In the 2016 campaign McCain promised many many times to repeal ObamaCare. When the time came to deliver on that promise McCain chose to “give it to Trump” rather than keep his promise. McCain was a hero of Viet Nam, but he was not the perfect man the Democrats will insist upon at the funeral. Perfect people are in short supply on this side of eternity and McCain had feet of clay like you and me. Remember the “Keating Five?” McCain and 4 Democrats were associated with the collapse of a savings and loan institution that cost many people their life savings and American taxpayers several billion dollars. McCain and John Glenn got off with reprimands from the Senate.

In case you wondered why those Democrats would want to confer sainthood upon McCain at all, I will tell you. The Democrats have been since his death and will after his funeral weaponize McCain’s passing to “give it to Trump” a few more times. The Democrats would never do something so vile you say? Anybody remember Paul Wellstone’s memorial service? Some of those who organized that service have expressed shame at the way their efforts were weaponized by the Democratic Party to take advantage of Wellstone’s death for political advantage.

The Democrats, the entertainment industry, the lamestream news media and academia have all committed to doing anything and everything to get rid of Trump and stop him from keeping his promises. If the Dems take control of the House they WILL impeach him. Even if they can’t win the case in the Senate it will tie his administration up so that he can do nothing to keep his campaign promises. If you do not want that to happen then YOU need to VOTE in November. If the choice is between a Democrat and a RINO, hold your nose and vote for the RINO.


This week I had a very sad, but very educational experience. A person with whom I attended school from the 1st grade through the 12th grade found that she had a “gift” that enabled her to look into the depths of my heart and soul and identify me as a bigot, a homophobe and a couple of other rather contemptible things. This surprised me. I had always liked this person and, in fact, she had asked me in the 2nd or 3rd grade to be her boyfriend. I guess I was quite naive because I had not the slightest idea what that meant. I’m sure she doesn’t remember that and if she did I’m sure, now that she’s probed the depth of my obviously vile nature, she would deny it. This is extra sad for me since I always admired her. She participated in just about every school activity possible, but was still able to be in the National Honor Society. Considering her current evaluation of my nature I guess I dodged a bullet on that ‘boyfriend’ thing, though.

She is not the first liberal “blessed” with that gift of being able to gauge the depths of my heart and soul. They do it all the time on Facebook. And not just me. It turns out that liberals can see into the most secret thoughts and beliefs of anyone who disagrees with them to reveal all these “deplorable” evidences of hatred, bigotry, homophobia, sexism – whatever – you name it.

It turns out, though that I, too, have a “gift.” I am able to classify almost all liberals in two groups. The first group consists primarily of average liberals who really want to help people. The problem is they are stupid. The second group consists the liberal leaders who care only about power and, in many cases, money. The problem with them is that they are evil.

Now when I say the first group is stupid that is not necessarily a comment on IQ. What it does mean is that they have imbibed the claptrap Kool Aid dispensed by the second group. This is part of the reason they will not respond to confrontation with logical arguments. All they have are accusations that they go back to over and over. “You’re a bigot.” “You’re a homophobe.” “Trump is a fascist.” “Trump is a dictator.” Wouldn’t you think a liberal could pump up their brain enough to have a cogent thought or two? If Trump was a fascist and a dictator, liberals would be languishing in concentration camps.

The second group of liberals are the leaders. They actually comprise the main inhabitants of the “swamp” that Trump often talks about. These people have no goal other than their own interests. They have become experts at bending logic and mispresenting truth. The “lie” is their coin of the realm. They are not the only denizens of the swamp. Recent events provoked by Trump have revealed that a significant number of Republicans who profess to be conservative are, in fact, fellow travelers with the liberal leaders. But that’s a subject for a different rant on my part.

The amount of power these ‘leaders’ wield is amazing. The first entry in my Blog was about Bill Cosby. I was a gigantic fan of his in the 60s. I could recite most of his comedy routines verbatim. From the 70s through the early 2000s he became a liberal icon. Then, inexplicably, he began to espouse occasional conservative thoughts and ideas. Suddenly a stream of women began to come out of the woodwork charging the ‘Cos’ with years old violations of their personal dignity. That’s what happens when you step off today’s liberal plantation. You must be punished. Had the Cos the sense to ‘shuffle’ back onto the plantation and renounce his conservative leanings, all those charges would have melted back into the woodwork. But he did not and they did not. This should serve as a warning to Charles Barkley and Kanye West. Soledad O’Brien has already swatted at Kanye pretty hard. The swamp leaders have you guys in their cross-hairs – watch your step.



Well, the Maryland primary election is over. Democrats who have received their party’s nomination are tripping over each other trying to get in front of cameras to promise a “free” college education for Maryland citizens AND illegal aliens alike. If you are feeling full of admiration for all those college professors who are willing to teach without expecting a salary and all the college support folks from janitors to grounds keepers to administrators happily working for free and the utility companies willing to provide free gas and electricity then all I can say is SHAME ON YOU.

All of those I just cited will expect to be fully reimbursed for their contributions. When those Democrat politicians say “free” they mean the students won’t have to pay. They mean YOU will. I’m sure those of you who have sacrificed large amounts of money to put your own children through college will be happy to have the opportunity to finance the college education of the child of someone else.

In 1860 there were 4 million slaves in the US. Every one of them was owned by Democrats. Lincoln defined slavery thus, “You work, I eat.” The more things change the more they stay the same.


Am I the only geezer in Maryland who remembers the promises of Maryland politicians that if Maryland enacted the State Lottery, Maryland schools would never need another penny of tax payer money? Not one penny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Think about that the next time you go to vote and find yourself reading a spending Question for school projects.


Hearst Television is very proud of its acclaimed weekly political magazine show “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien” – of which O’Brien is host and producer. O’Brien is described as an award-winning documentarian, journalist, speaker, author and philanthropist. So we have a “documentarian” on a show about “facts.” You would think “truth” would be an important ingredient in this show’s mission statement. Well, you would be wrong if you did.

I’m not a viewer of the show. I just happened to stop while channel surfing on one segment of the show on May 7th. Ms. O’Brien reports –

“Sadly, I’m sure nobody was too busy to miss what Kanye West had to say this past week; tweeting like crazy making controversial comments about race and politics.”

So when you think about West’s opinions associate them with the words “crazy” and “sadly.” Ms O’Brien feels those opinions warrant a history lesson and she is just the person to deliver it.

“Lincoln was elected in 1860 as a Republican. He ran against “southern” Democrats who chose to protect slave owners – this is correct and a high school history class (she said with a wink) would, by the way, have told you that.”

First, Lincoln ran against ALL Democrats because the entire Democratic Party supported slavery. The Republican Party was founded as an opposition to slavery. Lincoln, himself, identified four Democrats as the greatest proponents of slavery. Roger Taney, author of the majority opinion in the Dred Scott case, was the fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1836 until his death in 1864 who, as a Marylander, was technically a southerner. Franklin Pierce, POTUS from 1853 to 1857 from New Hampshire. James Buchanan from Pennsylvania, the POTUS who preceded Lincoln. Finally, Lincoln names Stephen Douglas – his opponent in the 1860 election, who represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate. So 3 of the 4 greatest proponents of slavery, according to Lincoln, were northern Democrats. Second, even if Soledad is correct that what she said is being taught in our high schools (which I kind of doubt) it is a lie.

“The key thing to know is that over the next 100 years the parties would switch positions on race and civil rights.”

Actually, she goes on to jump from 1865 to 1929, but let me digress a moment to point out that in the aftermath of the Civil War there were almost no southern Democrats in the House or Senate. In that period Republicans passed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution that abolished slavery, gave citizenship to Blacks and gave Blacks the right to vote. These amendments were almost totally opposed by those northern Democrats. Also, during this period, former Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest, founded the KKK which was the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party. In 1924 20,000 Klansman marched in New York City at the Democratic Party Convention to which many of the Klansman were delegates. The KKK flourished during this period of time. And keep in mind, every Jim Crow law was passed by a Democrat legislature, signed by a Democrat Governor and enforced by Democrat law officials.

“The depression in 1929 marked a big shift for Black voters to FDR. It was FDR’s wife (Eleanor) who pushed anti-lynching legislation while FDR himself created the Fair Employment Practices Committee which banned discrimination of African Americans in the defense industry.”

I don’t know what Eleanor did to push anti-lynching legislation, but here are the facts about what the actual President, FDR, did. Shortly after his inauguration in 1933, FDR was anxious to get his”New Deal” legislation passed. He called in all the Democratic leaders to get their support. They offered their support on two conditions. 1 – FDR had to agree to block any and all anti-lynching legislation. 2 – FDR had to agree to deny New Deal benefits to Blacks. FDR agreed. Yes, FDR agreed. Now, FDR could not write legislation specifically identifying Blacks as ineligible for these benefits. But they could exclude jobs from New Deal benefits. And the jobs excluded were those most likely to employ Blacks in those days – farm workers and domestics. For the promise of those tiny scraps Blacks did indeed switch their voting from 75% for Republican Herbert Hoover in 1928 to 75% for FDR in 1936. Meanwhile all the Jim Crow laws of the south remained in effect. Incidentally, the exclusion of farm workers and domestics from S.S. was removed in 1954 by the Republican President, House and Senate.

As to FDR creating the Fair Employment Practices Committee, that is laughable. Soledad carefully structures her words to imply that FDR did that as part of the New Deal. In fact, the Fair Employment Practices Committee was not created until 1941 because, seeing war on the horizon, he wanted to build up our military and he foresaw a large percentage of White men going into the military.

“By 1948 Democrat Presidential candidate Harry Truman runs on a civil rights platform that called for integrating the military and ending discrimination for Federal employees. That caused the departure of many southern Democrats from the Democratic Party.”

In 1947, with an approval rating of 35%, Truman courted Black Americans by coming out in favor of civil rights. Truman hoped he could keep southerners in the Party by making his support for civil rights more rhetorical than substantive, just as FDR had done. At the 1948 convention his strategy collapsed and a strong civil rights plank was forced on him by liberals led by Hubert Humphrey. This resulted in the ‘Dixiecrats’ leaving the party and forming a third party to run against Truman and Republican Dewey.

With Dixiecrats gone, Truman tried to cement his support from Blacks and liberals by issuing executive orders integrating the military and ending discrimination in the civil service. This was BEFORE the election. Truman had been President since 1945 so he could have issued those executive orders three years sooner, but he did it only when he was faced with losing his job.

Here are some facts for you. The 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Right’s Act and the 1968 Fair Housing Act were passed by Republican votes. The proportion of Republicans who voted for those three Acts was much greater than the proportion of Democrats (Republicans were in the minority). In fact, had there been no Republicans in the House or Senate, those three bills would have failed.

“In 1968 it was Nixon’s ‘southern strategy’ that recognized the racial tensions during the civil rights movement and intentionally appealed to White Southerners’ racial hostility.”

Of all of O’Brien’s lies, this is probably the most extreme and heinous. Several Academics have authored books on the lie of Nixon having a ‘southern strategy.’  Nixon did not even court the 5 most southern states because he knew George Wallace would win with the votes of Dixiecrats who abandoned the Democrat Party in 1948. Liberals have advanced the notion that Nixon used dog whistles – code words to appeal to the racism of Whites. The code words were ‘drug use’ and ‘civil unrest.’ But in 1968 drug use was associated with hippies and civil unrest was related to the Viet Nam war protests. All through the 70s, 80s and 90s, as racism decreased in the south, Republican Party registration increased.

“In 2005 the Republican National Committee Chairman (Ken Mehlman) formally apologized for exploiting racial polarization to get votes.”

This is the one and only statement made by Soledad that is true. Not what he said, but the fact that he said it. It just goes to show that the ‘Big Lie’ espoused by the Democrats, the lamestream media and liberal academia had even bamboozled Chairman Ken Mehlman and probably many other Republicans.

“As for slavery being a choice … that’s just so stupid we’re not going to dignify it with an answer.”

I must warn you Kanye, Soledad is using the standard Democratic ‘code words’ to put you on notice. Remember what happened to Bill Cosby when he began to espouse some ‘conservative’ notions. Suddenly women started coming out of the wood work to charge him with sexual misconduct. One of those women wondered before the media why it took so long for anybody to listen to her accusations. That was because the Cos was a good liberal until recently. My advice to you, Kanye, is to shuffle back onto the Democratic plantation as quickly as possible before the Democratic ‘apparatus’ crushes you.

BTW, these facts can be looked up on the internet, but if you want more information borrow Dinesh D’Souza’s movies from your local library, especially America: Imagine the World Without Her, and Hillary’s America.  You will also profit by googling the string “youtube dinesh dsouza” and watch some of his college lectures.

So now you know what a lying scumbag Soledad is.