The “Lame stream media” has gone absolutely nuts. I know they really want to get rid of Trump, but to just come out with blatant lies makes me wonder how they can look in the mirror without puking. They’ve done similar things to Mitt and ‘W’ and even to McCain, but they’ve just gone ballistic now.

Trump makes a statement condemning violence and hatred by anyone and that tags him as a ‘White Supremacist.’ So he goes on TV to clarify and he condemns by name the groups he has been criticized for not naming earlier and the media interpretation is that it is proof that he is a bigot.

Funny how selective the media is. When Grand Kleagle of the KKK, Robert Byrd died, Hillary Clinton described him as a “mentor” to her. No one in the media has ever questioned her views on civil rights. And, when Bill Clinton eulogized Byrd he said that we all had to cut Bob a little slack for his involvement with the Klan, because you could not advance in the Democratic Party unless you were in the Klan. That’s a pretty … surprising admission I’d say. As to Byrd’s periodic slips in uttering the “n” word, the Democrats punished him by making him President Pro Temp of the senate. Another interesting connection is the fact that Bill Clinton said that his mentor was William J. Fulbright. Fulbright and Byrd were 2 of 19 Senators (all Democrats) who signed the ‘Southern Manifesto’ opposing integration. Again – where was the media? Actually, to be truthful, I already know. They were part of a vast left-wing conspiracy making up lies about Republicans being part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to cover up for Democrats’ racist activities.


Kind of interesting don’t you think – for 100 years the Democrats never criticized the KKK. Of course that’s mostly because the Democrats WERE the KKK. I can’t help wondering why the media never felt it was worth informing the American public of this. So now Trump condemns hate, racism and violence, but he doesn’t mention the KKK by name for a day and a half and the Democrats and the media are indignant and outraged.


OK, here’s my idea.  Since the stupid swamp RINOs won’t repeal OboCare after promising to, why not just replace it with one tiny change to OboCare.  A minor change to the “opt-out” clause that would allow people to “opt-out” by paying a penalty just as now –OR– present proof of the purchase of an amount of health insurance equal to or greater than the penalty amount.  This could open up health insurance like the wild west.  People could buy the exact same policy they had before 2008.  Or they could purchase one of the Concierge plans that have become popular.  It would allow interstate insurance offerings, health savings plans and all sorts of innovative ideas.

There could be an executive branch commission that would certify that insurance companies meet minimum standards to operate as an insurance company (but would have no control over plans) and evaluate plans and post information on the Internet to assist citizens in choosing.

What would Dems complain about?  That people can stay in OboCare if they like it?  That people are sneaking out of OboCare to get the plan they had before 2008?  That people want to opt out of OboCare AND pay for some other plan?


Well, ObamaCare lovers have had a busy couple of weeks of disruptive screaming in the ‘town hall’ meetings of Republican politicians and noisy rallies outside of Congressional buildings with the helpful coverage of the lamestream media. Thanks to John McCain, who promised in the 2016 election to repeal OboCare, the repeal effort failed last week.

I learned something interesting yesterday and this morning. Back when OboCare was passed there was pressure to put all Senators and Representatives under OboCare just like everyone else. Of that I was aware. I was not aware that they had actually done it. What I learned this morning was that our legislators (Republicans as well as Democrats) found OboCare somewhat burdensome. So they went to POTUS Obama and asked for help.

Obama signed an Executive Order instructing the Director of OBM (Office of Budget and Management) to declare the House and the Senate to be small businesses. In case you are not aware the gummament defines a ‘small business’ as one having no more than 50 employees. There are over 400 Representatives in the House and they have hundreds of staff working for them. But they are now a small business. There are 100 Senators who also have hundreds of staff in their employ. They are now a small business. Once the House and Senate became ‘small businesses’ the OBM used some quite illegal gimmick to subsidize every employee of these small businesses to the tune of 72% of their health care costs.

So … be assured that your Senators and Representative are sharing your pain – or at least 28% of it. Of course, they do have the advantage that they really can keep their Doctor if they like him/her. Oh, BTW, your OboCare costs are going up another 30% for 2018. Enjoy ! ! !