I know you’ve heard of a medical problem associated with individuals with multiple personality disorder.  I have my own theory about multiple personalities.  I think everybody has at least two personalities – that is – two different people living in one body.  In what we would normally call “normal” people one of these personalities lives on what we might call the outside.  That would be the person everybody knows, the one who interfaces with the world around us.  The second personality is the one who is always on the inside.  That one spends all day coming up with the dreams we are going to have that night.  I am uncertain about exactly how that manifests itself, but of one thing I am certain.  A single person could not lead a normal life and still have time to invent the dreams we have.

This first became obvious to me when I had a dream about which I can remember almost nothing.  What I do remember and what captured my attention and consideration was one little detail.  During the dream – for some strange reason – my attention was drawn to a small spot on an item of wooden furniture.  In the dream I examined this small spot of wood in minute detail for what seemed like several minutes.  I noticed the grain of the wood, the glossy look of the finish and some tiny nicks in that finish.  When I awoke I was  somewhat perplexed by that one little aspect of my dream.  Why would my brain come up with that as part of a dream?  It didn’t make sense.  Like most people I usually don’t remember my dreams.  But for those dreams that I did recollect I began to notice that I often remembered only tiny fragments of the dream and I remembered them in excruciating detail.

I do have…well, I won’t call them normal…regular dreams.  And those dreams are often perplexing.  Over the years I have come to realize that there are certain types of dreams that seem to be associated with life events.  During my college years I would often dream about not being able to find a classroom or being late for a test while trying to walk through two feet of mud or snow or whatever.  When I am sick I always have dreams about trying to perform some trivial task, but being unable to complete it for any number of ridiculous and very frustrating reasons.  In fact, when I have one of those kinds of dreams I know I am getting sick.  The dreams I generally have, though, are quite different.

Let me say right now that I do have a sleep disorder.  I often have difficulty staying awake long enough so that I do not bump my head on the bedpost when I lie down on the bed.  And normally my occasional mid night visit to the bathroom that I have described previously is the only time I arise from sleep.  Last night was unusual.  My sleep was, as they say, fitful.  My dreaming was very active, but I can only remember the last one.  In this dream my Mom was still alive.  Not only was she still alive, but she was still working.  And not only was she still working, but she was commuting via horse.  That’s right, via horse.  My Mom died in 2004.  These days two or three times a year I have a dream in which she is still alive.  Often, at some point in the dream I remember that she is dead and I wake up.  Not last night.  As far as I know she never even sat on a horse.  As a kid she had a neighbor who would take her and her siblings to town in his horse drawn wagon, but I think that was the extent of her equestrian experience.  Why did my brain  decide to bring her to life?  Why would my brain have my Mom (who was retired over twenty years when she died and who would be 102 today) still working?  And why would it have her riding a horse to her job at the hospital?

This is why I believe that we all have a second person inside us who spends all day coming up with the weird dreams we have.  It would also explain why people who are believed to have mental problems would appear that way if that second person were to come out and interface with the real world.  Because only a twisted, crazy person could come up with the dreams I have.  And I don’t think it’s ME!  It’s HIM.  The other ME!

The next time you have a dream and remember it, stop for a minute and think about it.


Count the number of times Chuck Todd and George Stepuponapileofdopalous interrupt a Republican candidate being interviewed and a Democrat candidate and how many times they challenge either with a comment like “but that won’t work” or “you know you can’t do that.”


Well, in light of the Vatican’s DWTS quality tap dancing this week I guess I owe an apology to former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.  A few weeks ago I criticized him for caving to political correctness by backing out of his statement that “all lives matter.”  He then adopted the politically correct “black lives matter.”  So he is once again in the good graces of…oh…whoever.

The recent visit by the Pope has had a very strange twist to it.  In response to a question earlier in his visit he said that someone should not be forced to perform duties (even a gummamint worker) that violate the worker’s religious beliefs.  That statement is on video so it’s kind of hard to back away from.  Maybe it was a translation gaff.  “Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.”  Then it comes to light that Kim Davis was invited to meet the Pope and he hugged her and spoke some encouraging words to her.  Now someone at the Vatican says that Kim exploited the Pope.  Did Kim invite herself to the Papal Nunciate – that seems unlikely.  The Vatican has not, as far as I know, denied that the Pope hugged her or that he said words of encouragement to her.  Isn’t that the sort of thing he does to everyone brought in to meet him?  From the original description of her meeting with the Pope I got the impression Kim was one of a line of people who were introduced to the Pope.  The way Kim’s experience has been demeaned by the Vatican I must wonder how those folks who met the Pope along with Kim now feel.  Do they feel demeaned?  Perhaps the Pope’s representatives could announce that the Pope had no intention of throwing them under the Papal Busmobile along with Kim.  I half-way expect that the next iteration of this story will have the Pope refusing to even shake her hand and lecturing her on bigotry.  Listening to the reporting of the story by the alphabet networks you would have already come to that conclusion.  You might even believe that Kim picked the Pope’s pocket to boot.

In fact, the Vatican made a point of announcing that the only “audience” the Pope had was with a homosexual couple, one of whom was a long time friend.  So the situation is this.  A Christian who has been persecuted by homosexuals has been dissed by the Pope while he (the Pope) makes a show of support for the homosexuals.who are persecuting her.  This makes me kind of sad.  I have wondered if I would have Kim’s courage to face the situation in which she found herself this summer.  It occurs to me that the Pope might have been wise to ask Kim for an infusion of her courage.  I do know one thing for certain; someday God will sort this whole mess out.  All will truly be revealed and made evident.  Every tiny detail.  It will be revealed who has faithfully served Him and who has not.  It will be a time when the great will humbled and the humble will be made great.  So hang in there Kim, keep the faith, baby!