Have you noticed the visceral hatred of Trump by the Demoncratic Party? Have you noticed that even Trumps so-called political allies and members of his administration have turned against him? With less than 10 days left in office Nancy Pelosi demands that he resign or that his cabinet remove him or she will impeach him. Some Demoncrats want him criminally charged with sedition. All of this despite the fact that millions of ordinary Americans voted for him. Why these vicious attacks on Trump? It is a message to anyone who might consider challenging the “Swamp” in the future.

I have written several times previously about what happened when Israel turned its back to God. God had built a hedge of protection around Israel. By the 8th century BC, they had purged God from their national life, mocked and persecuted the tiny faithful remnant and replaced God with idols of all sorts. They were even sacrificing their own children to the pagan god Baal. That hedge or protection was removed. In 732 BC The Assyrians attacked and destroyed Samara (Israel’s capitol) and carried off many of the inhabitants. They did not respond to this by turning back to God, but arrogantly vowed to rely on their own strength. This is recorded in Isaiah 9 : 9 &10. They were pronouncing judgment upon themselves. The Assyrians attacked Israel again and utterly destroyed the nation. Most of the Jews were carried away into slavery.

We have murdered 60 million unborn human beings. Our culture has turned its back to God. Have we pronounced judgement on ourselves? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Based on some things I heard I believe that Trump may well have been chosen by God to facilitate this nation turning back to Him. That was my hope, but we need to keep history before us. God is loving, but He is also Just.

God does not need a month to perform a miracle. He doesn’t even need a week. He doesn’t need any politician, judge, court, lawyer or a media mogul to perform a miracle. What He wants, though, is for you and I to be faithful and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

My time in this mortal coil will end soon. But most of you have many years left. I have no children or grandchildren. But most of you do or will. Do you want your grandchildren to live in a Marxist hell?

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