I’ve got a couple of issues I’d like to discuss in this post.  On the TODAY Show this morning Harry Smith seemed quite approving of the fact that the Pope was now embracing the scientific consensus of global climate warming change.  He compared this with the Church’s punishment of Galileo in 1615 for the heresy of opposing the Church’s doctrine of the earth centered (geocentric) cosmological model.  Harry is laboring under a misunderstanding.  He thinks Galileo represented the scientific consensus.  I’ve got a news flash for Harry.  That geocentric model of the universe was THE scientific consensus and that’s the reason the Church had made it doctrine.  There was just one little problem.  The scientific consensus was wrong.  And Galileo?  Galileo was a “denier” in the same fashion of those who, today, question global climate warming change.  All of this is kind of humorous.  For years liberals have beaten the Catholic Church about the head and shoulders for its punishment of Galileo for opposing the scientific consensus.  Today liberals want to and are punishing “deniers” and are now cheering the Pope who excluded deniers from his climate meeting at the Vatican.  What a crazy, crazy world.

On the subject of the TODAY Show, this past week was very interesting.  The comments by the hosts of the show were almost nauseating.  The phrase sickeningly sweet comes to mind.  They fawned over their personal interactions with the Pope.  Their reverence for Francis enveloped them like a cloud.  I have to wonder if they would be so touched had they met the Apostle Peter himself.  Perhaps the real question to ask would be whether they would find Francis so wonderful had he emphasized opposition to abortion and not soft-peddled the Church’s stand against homosexuality and kept quiet about climate change?

OK, moving on, this past week there was a NOVA episode about the search for evidence that might shed new information about the failed expedition of Sir John Franklin to find the fabled Northwest Passage.  In an effort to find one of the expedition ships beneath the Arctic Sea, they used an underwater drone that looked much like a torpedo.  They were faced, however, with a problem of ice.  Chunks of ice floating in the sea represented a danger to the drone.  The sea was relatively clear of ice when they began, but soon clogged the search area.

Narrator –
“Global warming means the amount of summer sea ice in the arctic is in long term decline.  But from one year to the next the picture is far more complex.”

Scientist Stephanie Pfirman –
“Just because there is a warming trend due to global warming doesn’t mean that you won’t have variations…You can go from no ice one summer to completely land-locked ice where the ice goes from coast to coast in another summer.  It’s hard to predict [my emphasis].”

So it’s hard to predict from one summer to the next, but they feel confident predicting 20 or 50 or 100 years into the future.  Amazing!  There are other facts that I think are very telling.  Until 30 or 40 years ago scientists proposed theories related to the cycle of continuous climate change we refer to as the “Ice Ages.”  Those theories would be evaluated by other scientists and debated and re-considered.  Those theories dealt with factors like precession of the earth’s axis, flux of cosmic rays impacting the earth from both the sun and remote galactic sources, release of methane hydrates from the continental shelf, variation of the earth’s magnetic field and other lesser causes.  Here’s the thing – If we confiscated every penny of income from the top 20% of income earners and every penny of profit from every corporation and borrowed every dollar China has we couldn’t do anything to affect any of these factors.  However, we could cause all manner of harmful effects by spending large amounts of money on issues related to man made carbon dioxide.  So suddenly, 30 or 40 years ago the ONLY factor in climate change became CO2.  And CO2 was not even one of the theories considered as a cause of the Ice Ages, since in the historical record increases in CO2 follow increases in temperature and vice versa.


If you are a male you know middle age is starting to sneak up on you when you have to interrupt your sleep almost every night to relieve yourself.  And during the day you have to do so more often.  I think my bladder has shrunken up to about the size of a walnut.  My potty habits are not the subject of this post, but are the causal factor at its root.

Occasionally, when I get up in the middle of the night to…you know…I’ll push the timer button on my clock radio that turns it on for one hour.  When I sit back down on the edge of the bed to go back to sleep (a skill at which I have become quite good – the sleep, that is) I hit the cancel button to return to quiet.  I’m not sure why I bother.  If the Rooskies attacked us with “nookier” weapons, my house might be on fire, but the local radio stations will still be broadcasting their normally scheduled shows.  I don’t know what it would take for a local radio station to interrupt the normal show for a news bulletin.  Anyway, that normal show in the middle of my night on my normal radio station is…well I don’t actually know what it is.  I only ever hear tiny fragments of it.  It seems to be a perfectly fine show.  I know the host’s name, but I won’t give it away.  It rhymes with “Norge Dory.”  The thing about the show is it’s just a little odd.

The first time I ever heard the show sticks in my mind.  I can’t repeat it exactly, but I can give you a very representative facsimile.  “What did you want to talk about?”

“Well, I was traveling in the 20th dimension the other day and I met a being from the 13th dimension.  We had a very nice discussion.”

“About what?”

“Well, he is a traveler going from one dimension to another all the time and he was telling me about another creature he had met in the 9th dimension.”

“Very interesting.”  Yes it was.  It was interesting enough to wake me up, which I did not want to do.  So I hit the button and went back to sleep.  The next day, though, some questions occurred to me.  Is a being from the 13th dimension one-dimensional?  We have three physical dimensions augmented by one of time.  The 13th dimension must be a movie critic’s dream.  “All the characters were very one dimensional.”  And what about the human who was visiting the 20th dimension?  Did he tell the being he met that he was from the 1st through 4th dimensions?  Would that being laugh at him because he needed four dimensions to live in?  Maybe the being would criticize him for needing so many dimensions when all the other sentient beings in the Universe only have one.  You know, the way liberals criticize the US for using so much energy.

Maybe I’m just looking at this all wrong.  Maybe there is an accepted convention out there in the universe.  If a being asks what dimension you are from you just give the first one.  It’s like when you’re in Yellowstone Park and someone asks where you’re from.  You might say, “I’m from Maryland” or “I’m from Baltimore, Maryland,” but you wouldn’t give your street address or zip code.  The radio caller would tell the being from the 13th dimension, “I’m from the 1st dimension.  But, wait a minute.  Isn’t it likely that every being will think that the dimension from which he or she or it comes is the first dimension?  “I’m from the first dimension.”

“Oh, no, I’m from the first dimension.”

“No, I am.  You’re from the 13th dimension.”  Well, it seems obvious that we need an inter-dimensional commission to straighten out this mess.  In the meantime I think Mr. Dory should ask his listeners to stay out of other dimensions until the commission can figure what to do about this.  And what about dimensional overlap?  What if a being from the 9th dimension lives in 5 dimensions of physical space?  Then there is a being from the 12th dimension who lives in three physical dimensions.  Those two beings will have two dimensions of overlap.  Above and beyond the creepiness factor of this there must be legal issues just crying out for attention from an inter-dimensional commission.

Do you see all the terrible things that happen to you when middle age catches up to you?  Your bladder shrinks.  You have to get up in the middle of the night.  You hear an odd radio show.  You think about the implications of the show’s subject.  Aaakk!  No wonder the phrase “crazy old man” is so common today.


Bernie Sanders bemoans the fact (if he says it’s a fact I guess it is) that the USA has the highest level of child poverty of any major nation.  I’m not sure what he means by the word “major,” but I’ll bet anybody a box of Krispy Kreams that China has a higher rate than we do.  Liberal nitwits love to say things like, “why don’t we have a bullet train as advanced as the Chinese?”  They never say, “why don’t 80% of Americans live in squalid poverty like the Chinese?”  I wasn’t around but, I must wonder if, in 1937, liberals were saying, “why doesn’t the USA have an advanced national highway transportation system like Nazi Germany?”  To borrow from an observation from Mr. Spock, when you’re a dictator it’s easy to have a bullet train or an autobahn.

OK, so why do we have any childhood poverty.  Well, we’ve always had some childhood poverty.  Perhaps Bernie is referring to the high level of it today.  I can explain that too, Bernie.  You see, in the early 1960s the Democrats decided to have a “war” on poverty.  Here’s how they did it.  They paid young girls (mostly black) to have children out of wedlock.  The pay included free health care, food stamps, money and various allowances.  In fact, to discourage marriage, it was penalized by severe loss of benefits.  Now I hope you haven’t gotten the impression that these “welfare queens” were or are getting rich.  They do not get enough to buy a house or a car the way “jobbed” people might.  A few of them might get a house or a car through some gummamint program and you’ll be certain to see it on a news segment of “hope” on the alphabet networks.  The true goal is to give them just enough to keep them firmly attached to the Democrat teet and on the Democrat voter roll.

And so from the 60s on we began an on-going cycle of young single women having babies who became single mothers and absent fathers and so on and so on.  Creating generation after generation of dependent people living in poverty on government handouts.  Liberals have fought that war by creating thousands of government programs spending billions of dollars to “fix” the problems.  But none of those programs attack the basic problem of single parent families discouraged from marriage and discouraged from trying to get off the “dole.”  And most of those billions have gone to the people who administer those programs.  What we have here is a perfect example of the liberal war plan working even better than anticipated in a war in which both sides lose.  And, of course, no welfare program has ever failed so miserably that it could not be made perfect if we’d just throw some more billions at it.

It is a well established principle that when you pay for something you get more of it.  Well, we’ve been paying for single parent welfare families for over 50 years and now we’ve got a bumper crop.  It wasn’t so noticeable when a hundred people were supporting each person on welfare.  But that has changed to where only a few people are supporting each welfare child.  Do we have a lot of child poverty?  We sure do and you can thank liberals for it.  And they still do not want to attack the core problem.  It is well documented that children of single parent families are far more likely to both live in poverty and end up in jail.  As with so many other things in our society, we have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind.

IT’S COMING – Get Right or Get Left

I feel I have an important and difficult message to share with you.  First let me say that God loves each one of you and through His power has enabled me to love each of you.  That’s why I feel compelled to warn you about a possibly great danger that we as individuals and we as a nation are facing.  You may have heard rumors associated with so-called “blood moons” and the end of the world.  Many of these ideas are just plain crazy, but that does not preclude the possibility that we may be moving toward definite danger.  I have not been able to find much information about this, but I can assure you that the world will not end, though it may seem like it for some.  I have written before about God’s blessings on this country as a result of its Biblically based foundations, our acknowledgement of His sovereignty and our support of Israel.  No, America is not perfect.  Far from it.  And we are not God’s Chosen People as the Jews are.  But God has blessed even our imperfect nation based upon the honor we have given Him.

God’s Case Against America

Historians’ best estimate of the number of people killed in World War II is 60 million.  Since 1973 we have murdered 55 million unborn babies.  I have previously written about a time in Israel’s history when they turned away from God and suffered as a result.  One of the charges against them was that they were sacrificing their children to Baal.  We don’t know how many, but it certainly was nowhere near 55 million.

Homosexuality.  Sorry, but I have to say it.  God loves each homosexual as much as he loves the Pope or Billy Graham or you or me.  But God says homosexuality is an abomination.  Now America has put its official, legal stamp of approval not only on homosexuality, but also on homosexual marriage.  If the former is an abomination then so to is the latter.

President Obama likes to say that he has been the best Presidential friend Israel has ever had.  Most Israelis and most American supporters of Israel would seriously disagree with the President.  God is very clear on this point.  “Those who bless Israel, I will bless.  Those who curse Israel, I will curse.”    (Genesis 12:3).

America has, over a period of years beginning in the early 1960s, pursued a consistent course of removing our recognition and acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty and His commands from the public discourse.  Contrary to what liberals say all the time, this is not required by the Constitution and would have been abhorrent to the founding fathers.

Until about a year ago I did not feel that any of these charges listed above, except for abortion, had progressed so far as to bring about the possibility of God’s imminent judgment.  I really thought it would be at least five to ten years.  But I have been shocked by how quickly things have changed and now fear that some of those I described in the first paragraph may be right.  I really hope that I am wrong.  I hope that America will have more time to repent and ask God’s forgiveness.  There is only one way that America can turn back to God and that is for each of us as individuals to turn back to God (repent), ask His forgiveness and ask Jesus to be our Savior.  Once we have done that we must oppose evil and speak against it.


You’ve probably heard the story if you listen to any of the alphabet networks or even FOX and Drudge.  Kim Davis, the Clerk of Morehead County, Kentucky, has stopped issuing marriage licenses rather than issue them to homosexual couples.  In doing so she has incurred the wrath of liberals everywhere, apparently has indirectly violated a new state law and refused orders from several judges.  Her position is that she must obey God rather than men, a position she shares with the Apostles of the Bible.  Today she appeared before a judge who put her in jail until she repents and obeys the court.  He may also fine her.  It will be interesting to see if she is fined some ridiculous amount of money like the bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple.  If so I hope that one of the legal groups that seek to protect religious rights will take up her case as a violation of her Constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

It’s interesting that news articles describe her as an odd example of someone standing up for her Biblical beliefs.  Seems Kim has a “checkered” past.  She’s been divorced several times.  What a hypocrite!  Can it be that these reporters are so ill-informed that they do not have even the most basic understanding of how Christianity works?  Somehow, “Christians” don’t have any right to speak out against sin unless they have lived a perfect. life.  Well, I’ve got a news flash for liberals and, apparently, most news people out there; perfect people are in short supply on this side of eternity.  Jesus is the measuring stick by which we ALL will be judged.  He was perfect.  None of us are.  So we all fall short of God’s standard.  Kim has taken the only way out of this conundrum; she confessed her sinfulness to God, asked for forgiveness and asked Jesus to become her savior.  It’s one thing for liberals and reporters to not themselves be “saved,” but quite another for them to not even understand this most basic of Christian principles.  Very sad to be sure.

Back to the case at hand.  Many of the comments being made about this case seem to follow the general line of, “her religious rights do not trump (no pun intended) her responsibilities to do her job.”  The job has been redefined differently in the last year than it was for the previous 36 years of her employment.  Let me pose a question.  Suppose within the past year her job responsibilities were changed to require her to drop gas pellets into a chamber crowded with gypsies or Jews?  Should her religious objections trump man made laws.  That’s silly you say?  In the late 1930s the duly (if blasphemously) constituted government of Germany did exactly that and other very similar things.  Almost no one refused.  Outrageous, you say!  That’s just a ridiculous extreme example, you say.  Okay, I agree, but you tell me at what point between gas pellets and homosexual marriage licenses it becomes ridiculous.  Suppose the court ordered her to issue a license to Adam, Eve, Steve and Huma?  Suppose it ordered her to issue a license to Adam and Lassie?  How about Adam and Timmy?  Ridiculous?  Just you wait.

I’m retired now, but in the 40 years I worked I was never faced with the choice that Kim has been forced to deal with.  I would like to think I would have had her courage, but we never really know until we’re faced with the choice.  I have to tell you a little bit of a secret though.  In a news clip this morning one of the homosexuals seeking a license yelled at her something like, “we’re going to win today.”  Well, I peeked at the last book in the Bible and the fact is KIM WINS!