Like many of you I was very hopeful that Trump would win a second term. Based on some things I heard I believed that Trump may have been chosen by God to facilitate this nation turning back to God. That was my hope, but we need to keep history before us. God is loving, but He is also Just.

I registered as a Republican as soon as I was eligible to vote. Due to casual conversation with an election official I found out there were 78 Republicans and over 1400 Democrats in my voting precinct. With only a few exceptions in my early voting days I have voted Republican. With the current Governor I made the mistake of voting for his first term. The second time I wrote in Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck – something like that. I can tell you one thing. The Republican Party is dead. Yesterday even those who claimed to support POTUS scattered like roaches when a light is turned on. I hope I’m not offending the roaches too much.

The Demoncrats and the media are telling and getting away with lie after lie about Trump AND his supporters. Everyone is piling on. They failed to cover the violent shenanigans of BLM and Antifa across the nation. When Antifa terrorized the wife and child of a GOP Senator and vandalized their house not one word came from the Dems to condemn it. And it happened night before last. The media says Trump sent yesterday’s protestors to commit violence at the Capitol Building. The organizers had already planned to go there to protest before yesterday and at the end of Trump’s speech at the rally he admonished them to be peaceable when they went there. I’m sure you’ve heard all the lies from the left.

When God made his covenant with Abraham He promised certain blessings He would bestow upon the nation that Abraham would father. God built a hedge of protection around Israel, but, while that covenant would last forever, that hedge would be removed if Israel rebelled against Him. And that’s exactly what happened. The Assyrians destroyed Israel’s capitol. Rather than turning back to God Israel arrogantly vowed to rely on their own strength. The Assyrians attacked Israel again and utterly destroyed the nation. Most of the Jews were carried away into slavery. Have we turned so far away from God that he will allow us to be destroyed by the Communist, Fascist Left? How does this apply to Christians in the context of this election? I see many postings on Facebook about praying for God to give Trump the victory despite the election fraud. But have we looked to politicians, lawyers and judges to provide this “miracle?” What we really need to do is pray in complete obedience to God and depend on God completely to provide that “miracle.” I am not saying we should not be in the struggle against the deep state. We Christians must simply turn this completely over to God to produce a “miracle” according to His Will – whether that be another term for Trump (which I personally believe and pray it is) or to chastise us for turning away from Him. One thing is for certain in light of yesterday’s events. If Trump is still POTUS on January 21st NO cowardly, lying politician will be able to claim any credit for it.

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