Did you ever think about Superman? Here’s a guy who flies around Metropolis in blue tights, red underwear on the outside, red boots and a red cape. He also has a big red “S” on his chest. Why the big red “S”? Is it like there’s 50 guys flying around Metropolis in blue tights and a red cape and he needs the red “S” to distinguish him from the other 49? So Superman lands on a street and somebody says, “Who are you? Oh, wait, there’s a big red “S” on your chest. You’re Superman.”



Back in February, the New York City tourism agency said Trump’s “travel ban and related rhetoric” would mean a drop of 300,000 visitors in 2017. They now predict a 3.6% rise in tourism for this year.

Finance expert Steve Rattner predicted “a market crash of historic proportions” under President Trump. Moody’s warned of a “weaker” economy. Other doomsayers included Mark Cuban, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bridgewater Associates and Macroeconomic Advisers. A number of economists predicted that growth would not exceed 2%.

Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman demonstrated his lack of aversion to lying by predicting before the election that Trump would bring “a global recession, with no end in sight.” Shortly after the election he apparently got some new tea leaves as he back tracked on his doomsday predictions. Think ye that mayhaps his previous predictions may have been only for political purposes?

The Dow has climbed more than 25 percent since the election and the first two full quarters of Trump’s term both saw growth of 3 percent or more.

More recently, Trump’s cutbacks to help for folks signing up for ObamaCare brought warnings that enrollment would surely plummet. The first few days of open enrollment this year, however, saw a record number of people sign up.

Despite all the crying and moaning from the Left about fascism and tyranny, Trump has scrupulously obeyed the law. This, even with obstruction by judges who came up with senseless legal theories to block Trump’s “travel ban” executive orders.

This does not preclude the possibility of bad news for the economy or ObamaCare in the future, but it does demonstrate that predictions of Armageddon at the hands of Donald Trump were … well … trumped up with lies by agents and agencies that were supposedly providing “unbiased” analysis.


On Christmas, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab planned to board a jumbo jet with 2.6 ounces of explosive secreted in his underpants. The fact that he had been wearing the briefs for 3 consecutive weeks was a contributing factor in his interception by authorities. But I digress.

The issue at hand is the continuing efforts of Muslim extremists to terrorize Americans however possible. In light of this we must remember that the enemy learns from its failures. Training would be suicide bombers to only wear their weaponized skivvies the day of the intended attack is only one aspect of their effort.

Furthermore, disturbing reports from American intel sources reveal that mid-east terrorist operatives are developing a new generation of weaponized underwear utilizing so-called “high capacity’ underpants. Boxer briefs and boxer underpants are being developed that can carry as much as 7 ounces of explosive material. Possible development of an even more powerful device in the form of long underwear could deliver more than 20 ounces of deadly explosives.

Based on this information it is imperative that the public demand of our elected officials new laws banning the production of high capacity underpants. No reasonable person needs boxer briefs, boxers or long underwear. So the next time you hear someone say, “Boxers or briefs?” You make sure they know you stand for briefs. The NUA (National Underwear Association) must be held to account. This madness must stop!


As a young teen I was the typical football fan. More specifically a Baltimore Colts fan. I lived and died with the Colts. I became physically sick after some of the more frustrating losses. You can ask my sister. I remember one game in which Unitas threw a TD pass to my hero Lenny Moore with less than a minute left in the game to take the lead over the Lions. After the kick-off the Colts anticipated that the Lions QB (I think it was Earl Morrel before he came to the Colts) would try to throw all passes to the sidelines to conserve time. Instead the QB sent all the backs and receivers to the sidelines EXCEPT the tight end who almost leisurely trotted down the center of the field and caught a lob pass to win the game.  I erupted at both ends.
Then Bullet Bob Ersay came to town. After a number of infuriating statements and personnel moves, Bullet Bob brought in a herd of Mayflower moving vans on a snowy night at the end of March, 1984 and took MY Baltimore Colts to some hick town in the Midwest. It is fortunate I was no longer a teen when this happened or I probably would have slashed my wrists or jumped off a tall building.
That night in 1984 robbed me of any interest in football. In fact, it pretty much robbed me of any interest in following sports. Oh, I still participated in sports with friends and co-workers – the typical middle age stuff. But when it comes to watching any TV sports, I couldn’t care less. Actually I should probably thank Bullet Bob, if he was still alive. Stop and consider the amount of time the average male spends watching sports on TV. I’ve had that time to do more interesting and productive things.
OK, here’s where I’m going with all this. Today I wished that all of the above had not happened. After hearing what the Ravens did during the National Anthem today, I wished that I was still a big fan of football simply so that I could vow to never watch another Raven’s game – ever. So if I he hadn’t and I hadn’t and I still was and therefore could, I would feel so great.


“Lake Superior, they say, never gives up her dead, when the winds of November blow early.” – Gordon Lightfoot

Superior is quite different from the other Great Lakes. For one thing it does not sit on that hard dolostone basin I described earlier. Its local geology allowed the ice sheet of the last glacial maximum to scour out Superior to a depth of 1,300 feet, making it by far the deepest of the Great lakes. In fact, the bottom of Superior is the lowest point of the North American continent.

The five Great Lakes contain 20% of all the (unfrozen) fresh water in the world. So it’s probably a really a good idea to keep the Lakes clean.


A number of years ago environmentalists began running around like chickens bereft of their heads. They ran to the nearest microphones they could find to announce the demise of the Great Lakes due to global climate warming change. The proof was right there. The water levels of the Great Lakes was decreasing. Scientists swarmed over the Lakes to document the evidence that would forever drive the final nail into the pitiful arguments of the “deniers.”

After a year or so of study the scientists quietly published the results of their investigation. The top of the water wasn’t going down – the bottom of the Lakes was going UP! It’s called crustal rebound. During the last glacial maximum of the ice age there was a sheet of ice on the the North American continent that was more than a mile thick. The weight of all that ice depressed the earth’s crust, including the area of the Great Lakes. For the last 9,000 years since that ice melted the crust has been rebounding – as much as 1,800 feet in some places. If fact, the Toronto CN Tower appears to be getting higher every year. The land it sits on is rising one inch each year.



A day or two ago I pointed out that Lakes Huron, Michigan and Erie set on a large circular basin of dolostone rock which is very hard and impervious to water. That basin extends all the way from Lake Erie to the place where Niagara Falls was originally located. While the water going over the Falls does not wear the dolostone, it does wear the limestone rock that underlies the dolostone and as the limestone base is undercut it creates a dolostone shelf or overhang. Eventually the weight of that overhanging dolostone will snap it off. This process causes the Falls to back up toward Lake Erie at a rate of 3 feet per year. In about 21,000 years the Falls will retreat the 12 miles to Lake Erie and when that happens all of the Lakes will drain out to a new level 180 feet lower than they currently are. (The height of the Falls.)