Beaver at the breakfast table after getting caught the previous day skipping school with his buddy, Larry –

JUNE – “Who was on the phone, Beaver?”

BEAVER – “Larry Mondello, he’s coming to pick me up.”

WARD – “Now, Beaver, there’s not going to be any nonsense on the way to school this morning.”

BEAVER – “Gee, no Dad.”

JUNE – “Beaver, do Larry’s mother and father know what happened on the way to school yesterday?”

BEAVER – “Oh, sure Mom, they know what happened.”

WARD – “I hope he was smart enough to volunteer the information.”

BEAVER – “Yes sir, he volunteered.”

WARD – “As soon as he got home?”

BEAVER – “No sir, after his father started walloping him. Pass the bread, please.”


I was having a conversation with a 30-something the other day and was surprised to find that Civics is no longer taught (at least in Anne Arundel County, MD) in schools. He also told me that History is a joke in those schools. I found this most disturbing. There seems to be a policy in the education world these days saying that some courses are no longer important for students to learn.

What struck my mind was a book I read a long time ago. I can’t even remember the title or the author. The book, or some portion of it, talked about aspects of the lives of the Founding Fathers. One thing I especially noted was that most of them were fluent in Latin. Or, at least, as fluent as one can be in a dead language. Some of them, who for various reasons, had limited educational opportunities, were self taught in the subject. Some were similarly knowledgeable in Greek, French and/or German.

The connection between my conversation and my recollection is this: Latin is no longer taught routinely as it was in the time of the Founding Fathers and it was not 50 or 60 years ago when I attended school. The reason is precisely because it is a dead language and no longer considered useful to learn. But it was just as dead 300 years ago when the Founding Fathers thought it important. And regardless of what the commie pinko fascist left wing Howard Zinns of this world propagandize, the Founding Fathers were great men. They were not perfect – no one is. But they were great.

I suspect that many of you, like me, get steamed when you read these stories about little children being suspended for showing a “finger gun,” or some other blatantly ridiculous reason. Or for a teacher to be fired – to lose his/her livelihood – for refusing to use a child’s “preferred” gender ID. You hear about these events from time to time because the media reports them. But how much do you hear about Civics no longer being taught. A story like that would be lucky to make the local TV news.

Those few of you still reading are probably wondering what in the world the point is. The point is that much more destructive things are going on in our school systems than reach the popular media. And both the well known and little known damage to YOUR children’s education are ALL the result of the local school board. I have pointed out before that there are over 13,000 school boards around the US and everything in your children’s curriculum is decided by their school board. And every member of every school board is either elected directly or appointed by someone who is directly or indirectly elected.

This means that if your school board is full of commie pinko fascists, they only got there because of voters. Voters like you. I’m 73. I will not be around to see the terrible results of these school boards’ decisions in the future. But you may be. If you care you need to find out how your school board members get on their boards. Once you find out use that information to educate your vote. I know this rant has been rather long, but I think it’s important for the future of our country. If you agree, please share this with as many people as possible.


AH-HA ! Mystery solved ! I have heard a number of times that the current hearings in the House of Representatives are NOT an “official” impeachment inquiry. I could not see what difference it made since the Democrats have a sufficient vote advantage in the House that if Nancy brought it to a vote the House would easily approve an “official” impeachment inquiry. This morning I found out why it makes a difference.

It turns out that if the House passes a motion for an “official” impeachment inquiry, they would have to allow the Republicans on those committees to call witnesses. As it is the Democratic chairman of each committee can call whoever he/she wants and the Republicans have zero say in who appears before the committee. Pretty nifty little trick, don’t you think?


I have remarked before how surprised I’ve been by how quickly the U.S. is turning its back on God. I have also been reading and seeing reports of increasing antisemitism in Europe and to a slightly lesser degree in the U.S. This morning I saw a report that really shocked me. In the picture on the left are samples from a Nazi produced series of picture books starting in 1936. The purpose of these books was to warp the minds of German children to hate and fear Jews.

The picture at the right is from a carnival parade in Aalst, Belgium – THIS YEAR.   The two Jews portrayed are sitting on a pile of money.  It is every bit as antisemitic as anything in the Nazi picture books. In the story I heard they also reported that one of the floats in last year’s parade represented a Nazi railroad car carrying Jews to a death camp.


My reminder to anyone who might read this is that everyone should know the following –

“And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”
(Genesis 12:3) NASB