It’s kind of interesting.  A man who was part of President Obama’s EPA was interviewed on TV this evening.  He said Trump’s reversal of some of Obama’s environmental actions will make no difference because the coal industry is dead and is not going to make a comeback.  Then he decried Trump’s actions, saying they will threaten our environment.  What I don’t understand is this – if coal is not coming back i.e. nothing is going to change, how can the environment be negatively impacted? It’s a puzzlement.


Here is an article that was on FaceBook – ‘Old Dixie Highway was officially renamed the “President Barack Obama Highway.” The change comes after city officials determined that the old name carried too much racial baggage.’

The more I see of this ridiculous clap-trap, the more it reminds me of China’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ and demonstrates just how evil liberals can be given half a chance.


Almost exactly 20,000 years ago the earth reached the lowest (coldest) point in the most recent ‘glacial maximum’ and the earth began to warm up.  Are you listening, knuckleheads?  The earth has been warming up for the last 20,000 (twenty thousand) years.  It has nothing (NOTHING) to do with CO2.  We are still 3 (three) degrees cooler than the average high (warmest) point for the previous three glacial minimums (aka interglacials).  There has been very little variation from that average for those interglacial peak (maximum) temperatures.  What does that mean?  It means the natural cycle that has been going on for the last 350,000 years can be expected to continue (probably) until the earth gets 3 degrees warmer than it is today.

And nothing you, Algore, NOAA or the UN can do will change that because it has nothing to do with CO2 any more now than it has for the last 20,000 years.  So why are entities like Algore and the UN making so much noise about global climate warming change?  CO2 is all about socialists and would be socialists like Algore, the Democratic Party and the UN trying to separate you from your money and your power to live your own life as you would like to.  For example, about 7 years ago POTUS Obama gave piles and piles of YOUR hard earned money to a bunch of new energy companies that have pretty much all failed.  So what Obama did was redistribute your money to a bunch of people who ran some businesses for a couple of years and then walked away with a bunch of YOUR money.  And your power.  They’re taking that in all sorts of ways big and little.  Many you don’t even recognize – some you do.  Do you hate those swirly bulbs?  Too bad.  Have you and your family earned your livelihood by mining coal for generations?  Sorry.

However, if you pay taxes and don’t mind a bunch of ‘pointy headed intellectuals’ enriching themselves and their friends at your expense, go ahead and ‘buy into’ their schemes.  If you don’t value the freedoms that the Founding Fathers and generations of soldiers fought and died to attain, retain and maintain, so be it.  Algore, the Democrats and the UN will be glad to take your freedom.  On the other hand, if you value your life, liberty and property, you need to take a stand and speak out and most important – get involved and VOTE.

I’m not telling you to waste energy.  I started using swirlies when they first came out in certain applications.  If you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an inconvenient electric car, that’s fine with me.  Just don’t try to tell me I must.  I wouldn’t mind all the cars looking alike as they do today – if it had resulted from the buying public demanding it of the manufacturers.  But it didn’t.  They all look alike because the gummamint  set fuel efficiency standards that forces car makers to make them all alike.

So, if you want to give away your fortune and your freedom I have good news for you.  Algore and his buddies will be glad to take it and all you have to do to give it up is NOTHING!  If poverty and enslavement do not appeal to you then you better wake up and get to work, because as I just said Algore et al will be very happy to separate you from both.

If you’d like more information on global climate warming change and it’s actual causes feel free to check out my Blog ( posts on –



OK, the alphabet networks are at it again.  In fact, the TODAY SHOW is even helping improve the nation’s job situation.  They have hired some guy named Ari to be a fact checker on President Trump and his staff.  And our old friend, George Stepinapileofdufus, is doing his part to keep the Democratic Party in business by only using uber liberals and faux conservatives (pretty much represented by only one person, David Brooks.) on his Sunday morning “round table.”

Yesterday, one of George’s panelists, Stephanie Cutter (formerly part of the Obama administration) complained that she felt Sean Spicer’s light-hearted response that POTUS now thinks the employment figures are meaningful was personally insulting.  Steph’s apparently suffering from early onset dementia.  Otherwise, she’d recall her former boss’ laughing response to a question regarding the failure of his ‘TARP’ stimulus program when he said, “There weren’t as many ‘shovel ready’ jobs as we thought.”  In fact, the number of ‘shovel ready’ jobs was almost zero.  But that wasn’t really a surprise.  The main goal of the stimulus program was to nationalize General Motors and give it to the UAW.  The sidelights of the stimulus were to separate Republican owned GM dealerships from their owners and to repay American unions for their loyal support of the Democratic Party.  Did you know that in 2010 the Special Inspector General for Obama’s TARP program criticized Obama’s actions as making the recession worse.  Somehow the media slipped up and forgot to report that fact back then.

Then this morning Matt Liar was up to his usual hi-jinx aided by co-host Savannah Guthrie.  Neither could bring themselves to allow Kellyanne Conway  to answer a question without a challenging interruption.  They wanted Kellyanne to provide ‘proof’ of Trump’s assertion that Obama had Trump Tower bugged.  They invoked the ‘boy who cried wolf’ principle implying that ‘the world’ would not be able to trust Trump’s words in the future unless he ‘proved’ his ‘bugging’ claim now.  The odd thing to me is the fact that Matt and Savannah seemed totally unconcerned about ‘wolves’ or ‘fact checking’during the Obama years.  Or the Clinton years, for that matter.  “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.”  “The cost will go down by $2500.”  “I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.”  “Benghazi was a spontaneous response to a movie.”  “I flew into Bosnia under fire.”  “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”

We now know, of course, that during the Obama years our allies’ trust in our dedication to our alliances with them suffered significantly.  But the question is – did that occur because of the false words emanating from the Obama administration or by the actions of the administration?  Consider this.  About a year ago King Abdullah of Jordan visited the U.S.  President Obama snubbed him.  Only after severe criticism from Republicans did he agree to meet the Royal visitor.  And then it was only for 5 minutes.  The current leader of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has persistently sought good relations with the U.S., but Obama held him at arm’s length.  You’re probably aware of Obama’s actions at the UN which have very serious concerns for the Israelis.  And perhaps you’re aware that Obama sent people and tax-payer dollars to Israel during their last election to try to interfere with their election?  Ever heard the observation, “actions speak louder than words”?