It’s official! The alphabet networks have discarded any pretense of unbiased reporting. On the HILLARY TODAY SHOW (formerly known as the TODAY SHOW) last week one of the panelists observed, in so many words, that it is the responsibility of the media to abandon integrity and do whatever is necessary to assure Hillary’s victory. This morning most of the panelists freely referred to Trump as a liar and a bigot. Never mind that Hillary is a documented liar – from Sir Edmund to flying into an airport under fire to emails and Benghazi and a myriad of fibs in between – she can hardly open her mouth without a lie spilling out. The media, of course, will never mention those things.
Then later on MEET THE PRESS Chuck Toad hammered away on the story about the Muslim family of a soldier who died in combat who spoke at the Democratic Convention. The liberal panelists castigated Trump for not admiring this family sufficiently and really went after him for observing that the wife remained silent while the husband spoke. I think you could fairly say that Trump could have responded better to this issue. However, I would point out that the mother of one of the Benghazi heroes spoke at the Republican Convention and was vilified by not only the Democrats, but by the media as well. A more obvious example of a double standard would be hard to imagine. Worse yet, the sole Republican panelist did not point out this unfairness.


If you destroy the egg of a Bald Eagle you will be in violation of Federal Law and subject to arrest, a fine of $100,000 and a one year prison sentence. If you destroy an unborn human you will be a hero of the Democratic Party.


Well, once again PBS strikes a blow for mediocrity in journalism. To introduce the Democratic National Convention they showed a segment relating Hillary’s bio. Oddly, they neglected a person she considered a role model in college. She wrote her senior thesis about his philosophy. The name of uber socialist Saul Alinsky never came up in the segment. Not much of a bio when you leave out one of the most important people in her life.


New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas appeared as a panelist on the Sunday Today Show this week with Willie Geist. At one point he began to speak. He suddenly began to mumble and stumble over his words with phrases about journalistic responsibility and integrity and bias. He had trouble sticking words together in a coherent sentence. Obviously he wanted to say something, but was having trouble expressing himself. Not to worry. I can translate for you and tell you exactly what he was trying to say. What he wanted to say was, “Donald Trump is such a threat to ‘constitutional order’ that the media was duty bound to abandon any pretense of reporting the facts in an unbiased fashion and do whatever may be necessary to elect Hillary Clinton. Forget about journalist integrity.”

I’ve got a news flash for Anand. All the lamestream media has had for years is a “pretense” of unbiased reporting. Journalistic integrity disappeared long ago.


In my very first posting on my BLOG on June 22, 2015 I discussed Bill Cosby and the sudden emergence of a number of women charging him with various incidents of sexual harassment.  Before proceeding on to a number of observations about the situation I was careful to point out that I had no way of knowing the truth of the charges and neither did almost all of those who were taking positions for or against the ‘Cos.’  I also wrote that the case would wind its way through the courts of both public opinion and legal justice.  Until then I advised everyone to reserve judgement.

I think the very same admonition should apply to the case of Roger Ailes.  Until all the facts have been adjudicated, let us all “cool our jets.”


OK, I’m a Republican. Here’s what I don’t understand. Why are Republicans so stupid? The world news headline this morning is that Trump’s wife “plagiarized” Michelle Obama’s speech from a previous convention. What are the possibilities? The first that comes to mind is that she or one of her aides listened to Michelle’s speech and subconsciously remembered those few phrases that showed up in last night’s speech. That would be unfortunate, but not even dumb. The second possibility is that someone who helped prepare the speech went into research and intentionally copied those phrases thinking no one would notice. Now that would be really stupid.
But that would not be as stupid as the way Republicans have responded to the questions about this from Matt Liar et al. At least Christie pointed out that the similar phrases comprised only a tiny portion of the speech. The response should be something along these lines – “Matt, Joe Biden, who was four and eight years ago, the candidate for Vice President of the U.S., is a documented plagiarist. Documented in the legal sense. Matt, have you ever, one single time, in either of the previous two Democratic conventions asked any Democrat on air about that fact.”
What bothers me most is that we Republicans are persistently stupid in dealing with Democrat and media attacks.


ABC is reporting that President Obama will sign an executive order intended to restrict the sale of “powerful assault trucks” in an effort to limit the threat of terrorist attacks. The order will include specifications that will define maximum sizes and capacities for trucks. ABC has obtained a photo (below) of the truck used as the model for the new specifications.

3 wheel truck