OK, I don’t want to offend any tender sensibilities out there, but here’s what I want to know; when did toilet paper lint become an issue? I was restocking the reading room a couple of days ago and noticed the proud announcement on the nine pack, “LESS LINT.” This is a product I’ve been using for a long, long, long time and I didn’t even know T.P. (or A.W. as it was called in my college dorm) had lint. And if it does have lint I cannot imagine what kind of a problem it could cause. Perhaps ‘American Standard’ needs to modify their equipment to add a ‘lint trap.’ Anyway, I’ve managed to survive 72 years without succumbing to the scourge T.P. lint, maybe I’ve got a few more years before it gets me.


A few months ago I took Soledad O’Brien to task for trying to perpetuate the “Big Lie” that in the 1930s the Republicans and Democrats switched policies on Civil Rights. As Dinesh D’Souza pointed out, that would be sort of like one day all the cops became crooks and all the crooks became cops. Yet no lie is too big to cover up the Democrats’ racists policies. That was on her show, “Matter of Fact.” Turns out the facts hold little interest for Soledad. As I wrote then, I am not a viewer of her show, but occasionally trip across it while surfing. This happened again a day or two ago.

Soledad was doing a segment about how poorly natural born American citizens do when trying to answer questions from the citizenship test that every immigrant must pass to become a citizen. I guess her goal was to imply that immigrants are smarter than natural born citizens and somehow this is evidence supporting the notion that anyone who can get across our border should be welcome to live here.

On the face of it, I would suspect that someone currently preparing to take the citizenship test probably should be more familiar with the finer points of the branches of gummamint than someone who had studied it 30 or 40 years ago. An alternative conclusion might actually be an indictment of our Liberal controlled edumacation system.

The real irony of this story, however, is not any statement about the poor edumacation of natural born citizens, but the poor edumacation of one natural born citizen – Soledad O’Brien. While reviewing several of the questions and explaining the mistakes made by natural born citizens, Soledad just happened to credit Benjamin Franklin with the invention of the light bulb.

It makes me wonder how many facts Soledad gets wrong for someone who watches her show on a regular basis. And, of course, that makes me wonder about her regular viewers. Do they continue to watch despite all the non-factual facts or are her viewers so poorly edumacated that they don’t have a clue about her “facts” at all? Hmmmmm …