Martin Luther King Junior was born on this day in 1929. He would be only 88 if he were still alive. For some reason it seems like he would be much older. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the man whose leadership of the civil rights movement had a major impact on life in the United States and whose death had repercussions that are still with us today had a ‘dream’ that ended for him personally a full 48 years ago.

What has happened to his ‘dream’ in those 48 years seems to me tragic. One of the sentences which is often quoted from his “I have a Dream” speech is, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” It is a good sentence to quote because it truly characterizes the whole speech. But if you read the whole speech you will see that most of those who have assumed the mantel of the civil rights movement have betrayed King’s ‘Dream.’ Do not believe me. King’s speech is available on any number of websites in its entirety. Take a few minutes to read it. And, as you read it, ask yourself how today’s leaders of the civil rights movement measure up to the standards set forth in King’s speech. Then ask yourself how you measure up.


In the category of things I can give you a guarantee about –

After many, many extra billions of dollars spent on ObamaCare, I can guarantee you that hospital beds are not one bit more comfortable than they were in 2008.

If I were the IT person in charge of the programming that activated the “WE”RE GONNA GET NUKED” button in Hawaii, I can double dog guarantee you that when somebody hit that button, a pop up dialogue box would ask “Are you really sure you want to send a ‘WE’RE GONNA GET NUKED’ message to everybody in Hawaii? If you’re really sure hit the button a second time.” The first thought that comes to mind on this news item is, “dumber than whale poop.”


First of all Social Security always was and always will be a “Ponzi scheme. When FDR started it there were 35 workers supporting every recipient. Now I think it’s less than 3. At some point there will be 2 workers supporting each retiree. If the average benefit is $1600 a month then each worker will have to kick in $800 a month (plus administrative overhead) in FICA. You may not care about that fact, but I assure you that those 2 workers will. And a little further down the road the ratio will be 1:1 and that worker is going to be REALLY concerned.
I’ve been retired 9 years and I figure I’m pretty close to having gotten back all the money I put into the system. If I haven’t already then I soon will be receiving checks on some poor working schlubb’s dime. You know it’s not like S.S. is taking your FICA ‘contribution’ and making wise investments with it. The lamestream media and the Democrats tried to crucify George W. Bush when he suggested that.
What happens is that the FICA comes in and is counted as ‘revenue.’ Then that money is used to buy invisible IOU bonds. What it really means is it goes into the general fund. BTW, when they do that, they count it as revenue a second time. So all the FICA money you ever paid has long ago been spent. All that remains of your money is Algore’s lockbox and it is chock full of worthless IOUs – period. So don’t blame Trump. Blame FDR and the Democrats. The one thing you must understand about Ponzi schemes is that they must at some point, by definition, COLLAPSE ! ! !


OK, I’m sitting here watching Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s TODAY SHOW.  She is doing a report on the Tax Reform Bill.  She points out that polling of the public finds that the proposed Bill is ‘unpopular’ with the public.  Perhaps you are surprised.  Maybe even Savanna is surprised.  I don’t know why – the Democratic Party, ably assisted by the  lamestream media, has been telling absolute lies about the Bill for months.

Then Savannah interviews Republican Leader Paul Ryan.   In typical lamestream media mode, she rarely allows Ryan to answer a question without interrupting to ask another or challenging what he is trying to say.   Then, as if by magic, Savannah discovers a new word.  She asked Ryan about liberal charges that passage of the Tax Reform Bill would result in – dare I repeat Savannah’s new word – a “DEFICIT” in the budget.  You, I’m quite sure, are familiar with this word.  It just kinda’ seems that Savannah and everybody else in the lamestream media lost it for the 8 years of the Obama administration.  And now they have rediscovered it.  I find this especially interesting in view of the fact that POTUS Obama’s DEFICITS more than doubled the national debt in those 8 years.  But they have dusted the word off and returned it to their lexicon.  And Savannah is adamant that Ryan must justify passing a Bill that will add more than a trillion dollars to the debt in ten years.  Unwilling to entertain the possibility that Ryan’s explanation as to why her assumption is wrong she proceeded on.  Again, this is after she was totally disinterested in POTUS Obama adding more than 10 trillion in 8 years.

Savannah also seemed quite incensed that the biggest cut was for corporations.  I believe that Savannah is a lawyer so I find it curious that she apparently doesn’t know just how absolutely stupid this position is.  I’m not going to take the time to delve into this issue today other than to suggest if there’s anyone out there who does not already understand this, but who wants to, should check out my Blog posting of 2/5/16.  Just enter “patter” (without the quote marks) in the search window of my Blog and the posting titled “ECON 101” will pop up.

I’m sure that Matt Liar will be happy to know that, despite his departure, media bias yet reigns at NBC.


  This morning on ‘Meet the Press,’ Chuck Toad interviewed Nancy Pelosi. She insisted that Franken and Conyers should be accorded ‘due process.’ This despite the fact that their sex offenses are relatively contemporary, well documented and self confessed. On the other hand, she persisted in referring to Roy Moore as a ‘child molester’ over and over. No due process for Moore. Not one interruption by Chuck Toad to point out that those are ‘allegations’ 40 years after the fact that he has denied. But then that’s how Democrats work. She uses the term 4 or 5 times – ‘child molester’ – uncorrected and unchallenged. Remember when Dirty Harry Reid ran around saying that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in years during the 2012 campaign? When later confronted about this lie he said it didn’t matter because Obama won. Put a lie in peoples’ ears over and over and it has an effect on peoples’ thinking. That is the Democrat Party for you. Lie, lie and lie again. And it’s the same mantra of the alphabet networks.


Baltimore City receives more money per student than any other school district in the State. In fact, In the entire U.S. there are only four (4) school districts that receive more money per student than Baltimore City. This probably doesn’t surprise you considering the sparkling reputation the City has for quality edumacation.
So it must be surprising to learn that Baltimore is just about on track to end the year with a murder for every day of the year. Measured in murders per capita, I think the City is way ahead of Chicago. Yesterday an 18 year veteran city policeman was gravely wounded on a city street. There has been a spate of attacks by gangs of teens against individuals in the city (here’s a secret you must tell to no one – the gangs are Black teens and almost all the victims are whites. Shhhh … don’t tell anybody) The morning local news shows are flush with Baltimore politicians demanding ‘programs’ to curb the violence. Previous Baltimore ‘programs’ included politicians calling upon the miscreants to ‘take a weekend off’ from their felonious ways. You get 1 guess how well that worked out.
Sadly, I must inform the residents and leaders of Baltimore City that it is too late to do much of anything. In the early 60s the liberal establishment threw God out of our schools. Since then these liberals have been progressively doing all they can to squeeze God out of our culture. They have paid young women to create single parent homes. In short, we have a generation of kids raised without God and without fathers to guide them. This is a perfect prescription for a ‘lost generation’ of children. Their personalities are formed – just about impossible to change .
So you might as well get used to it. Especially if you live in the City. And as long as Democrats control the City each generation will be worse than the previous one. This problem was aptly described in the Bible. ‘We have sown the wind and now we are reaping the whirlwind.’
Oh, and all you other counties in Maryland, nay, in the U.S., if you do not already have your own ‘lost generation,’ you soon will. The liberals threw God out of ALL the schools. Any display of Godly things is being daily suppressed. Ten Commandments out of Court Houses. Law suits are being filed every day to get any Godly influence or observance out of the public domain. It is coming.