“I don’t have a dog in this fight.” This is really a great phrase. It says it all. My Dad died at 56 of a heart attack, so I never thought I’d make it to even 65. And yet I sit here at age 72. By my math I figure I’m on borrowed time.
But as I consider you ‘youngsters’ out there I must ask, “How stupid can you be?” If you have doubted in the least that the swamp President Trump talked about actually exists, just look at what happened last night. Republicans and Democrats got together and agreed on a budget which is going to do nothing less than push us closer to the brink of oblivion.
Do any of you remember what happened in Greece? They were pushed over the brink screaming and squealing for the government handouts that sent over that brink. Greece was fortunate; their economy was small enough to be saved by their European neighbors. When we go over the edge there will be only oblivion because we are too big to save.
Can it be that you all are too stupid to see that ‘brink’ toward which we are rushing. Are you saying, “Oh, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It’s not that big of a problem. We’ve got plenty of time.” I have no grandchildren and my time is limited. But if you have grandchildren or you are young with children you will be responsible for their doom if you do not take a stand against this continuing deficit spending. YOU ! Not Chuck Schumer or Paul Ryan. YOU ! They will only do what you allow them to do. They are the swamp. And you are their enablers.
The thought does cross my mind, “Why did I just waste 20 minutes composing this rant, this screed – I don’t have a dog in this fight.” How about you?


OK, ol’ George Stepinapileofpoopus is up to his old tricks. In his efforts to help the Democrats (with ABC’s blessing) he was in full attack mode against the “Memo” yesterday. To open the show he “interviewed” Adam Schiff, the chief Dem on the ‘Trump Collusion Committee. Now, Adam is a lying scumbag right from the start. Several times prior to James Comey’s public appearance before the committee, reporters asked him if Trump was under investigation. Every time he said he did not know. But when Comey testified publicly he said that he had informed the committee several times that Trump was not under investigation. So every time Schiff was asked if he knew he did, if fact, know that Trump was not under investigation, but lied and said he did not know. Anyway, I’m a little hesitant to say that George “interviewed” Schiff. A better description would be to say that George tossed him some softballs and stood back while Schiff made short speeches.

Then George “interviewed” Will Hurd, a GOP member of the same committee. I hesitate, also, to call this an “interview.” What happened was that George would ask a question, after which I counted at least 10 times he interrupted Hurd’s attempt to answer. Not only did he interrupt, but several of the interruptions were not just other questions. Several of the interruptions were to argue with Hurd about his partially given answer. There’s nothing really new in this behavior. In fact, it is pretty much standard fare for George, his occasional stand in, Martha Radditz and for that matter, NBC’s Chuck Toad on Meet the Press.

Then George brought in his “round table.” The round table consisted of (counting George) 4 ‘Trump haters,’ 1 GOP ‘never Trumper’ and 1 former member of Trump’s team. So it was 5 to 1. I’ll leave you to gaze into your crystal ball and figure out how that conversation went.


“Well, it’s Tommy this and Tommy that
and chuck ‘im out, the brute.
But it’s Tommy come and save us
when the guns begin to shoot.”
Looking down on soldiers is nothing new. The left were not even the sole originators of the attitude. But WW1 and especially WW2 gave most Americans a well deserved respect for the military. By the time of the Viet Nam war, however, the left had begun a process of rewriting the narrative of American History. In that narrative the military is the terrorist arm of the US government. The vile treatment of the military during the Viet Nam war was strictly a tactic of the left. Those of us on the right should feel a certain degree of shame because most of us did not stand up to support the military. I include myself in that shame.
Since the end of the Viet Nam war most Americans, probably as a result of the residual feeling of respect by the remaining WW2 generation, have had an increasing recognition of the value of the military. The left has found itself in an uncomfortable corner. Continued vilification of the military could cost the left votes from a public increasingly respectful of the military. So the left has submerged its hatred of the military and pretended to have the same respect as the general public. But, like the scorpion on the back of the fox in the middle of the river, they just can’t help being themselves.
Hillary’s hatred of the military is well documented, but not generally known thanks to the cover given her by the lamestream media. And recently, the left’s true feelings have been showing their ugly disdain for the military in the occasional illustrative news story. Fox News just posted the story of a California high school teacher named Salcido bashing U.S. military men and women. He characterized recruiters as “pimps” and our soldiers as the “lowest of the low.” And worse than that. Additionally, the left has been using the same sort of characterizations in their rants against the police recently.. The left just can’t hold back . Their true feelings must eventually come out. BTW, make no mistake – Antifa (so-called ‘Antifasciats) are, in fact, the fascists and fascists are leftists. As is BLM.


Martin Luther King Junior was born on this day in 1929. He would be only 88 if he were still alive. For some reason it seems like he would be much older. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the man whose leadership of the civil rights movement had a major impact on life in the United States and whose death had repercussions that are still with us today had a ‘dream’ that ended for him personally a full 48 years ago.

What has happened to his ‘dream’ in those 48 years seems to me tragic. One of the sentences which is often quoted from his “I have a Dream” speech is, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” It is a good sentence to quote because it truly characterizes the whole speech. But if you read the whole speech you will see that most of those who have assumed the mantel of the civil rights movement have betrayed King’s ‘Dream.’ Do not believe me. King’s speech is available on any number of websites in its entirety. Take a few minutes to read it. And, as you read it, ask yourself how today’s leaders of the civil rights movement measure up to the standards set forth in King’s speech. Then ask yourself how you measure up.


In the category of things I can give you a guarantee about –

After many, many extra billions of dollars spent on ObamaCare, I can guarantee you that hospital beds are not one bit more comfortable than they were in 2008.

If I were the IT person in charge of the programming that activated the “WE”RE GONNA GET NUKED” button in Hawaii, I can double dog guarantee you that when somebody hit that button, a pop up dialogue box would ask “Are you really sure you want to send a ‘WE’RE GONNA GET NUKED’ message to everybody in Hawaii? If you’re really sure hit the button a second time.” The first thought that comes to mind on this news item is, “dumber than whale poop.”


First of all Social Security always was and always will be a “Ponzi scheme. When FDR started it there were 35 workers supporting every recipient. Now I think it’s less than 3. At some point there will be 2 workers supporting each retiree. If the average benefit is $1600 a month then each worker will have to kick in $800 a month (plus administrative overhead) in FICA. You may not care about that fact, but I assure you that those 2 workers will. And a little further down the road the ratio will be 1:1 and that worker is going to be REALLY concerned.
I’ve been retired 9 years and I figure I’m pretty close to having gotten back all the money I put into the system. If I haven’t already then I soon will be receiving checks on some poor working schlubb’s dime. You know it’s not like S.S. is taking your FICA ‘contribution’ and making wise investments with it. The lamestream media and the Democrats tried to crucify George W. Bush when he suggested that.
What happens is that the FICA comes in and is counted as ‘revenue.’ Then that money is used to buy invisible IOU bonds. What it really means is it goes into the general fund. BTW, when they do that, they count it as revenue a second time. So all the FICA money you ever paid has long ago been spent. All that remains of your money is Algore’s lockbox and it is chock full of worthless IOUs – period. So don’t blame Trump. Blame FDR and the Democrats. The one thing you must understand about Ponzi schemes is that they must at some point, by definition, COLLAPSE ! ! !