This is the blog of Sergeant Major General Sam Streetmaker (the rank is an honorary one bestowed upon me by myself on account of…well…I liked it) and is intended for the express purpose of pointing out how this country is turning it’s back to God, rather than turning back to God.  I’m also a climate denier.  Sort of.  I don’t deny that the climate is changing or even that it is in an overall warming trend.  According to scientists it has been in a warming trend for about 20,000 years.  Hint: that’s before George W. Bush was even born.  But we’ll get into that a little later.



3 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks, Janet. Actually, I made it up and then discovered that the rank actually existed at one time, but has been discontinued. I based it on a MASH episode where Hawkeye wanted to take Radar into an officer’s club so he pinned his Captain’s bars on him and told everyone he was a Corporal Captain. I made up the title CLIMATE SLIMATE for a post and then discovered that some Congressperson had already used it. Oh, well!


  1. Well, nothing is wrong with having a rank. I guess the best thing is to avoid SMELLING rank. As long as you have the first, and not the second, everything should a-OK.

    Isn’t English funny usual and haha? One word…..two different meanings. Go figure…..


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