Have you succumbed to the godless powers of our society? I have written before that I believe that God has chosen Donald Trump to serve His purposes for this country. But God is also just. To find out what happens to a nation that has been bountifully blessed by God and then turns its back to Him, read what happened to one nation that did so in the 8th century BC. They had purged God from their national life, mocked and persecuted the tiny faithful remnant and replaced God with idols of all sorts. They were even sacrificing their own children. Sound familiar? They did not respond to the chastening allowed by God by turning back to Him. You can find out what happened by reading in the Bible Isaiah, Chapter 9.

We have certainly turned our back on God. We have even sacrificed 60 million of our children on the alter Margaret Sanger. A just God may be done with us. But I agree with many others who feel God is not done with the United States.

Trump has lost the election. Or so says the world. Is the Law Giver of the Universe subject to puny human Congressmen? Is the Judge of the Universe subject to puny human courts and judges? Is the Commander of the Angels subject to puny human “law enforcement?” God once used a jackass to deliver a message to Israel. He is not limited.

What can we do? All that we can do is give God our faith, trust and our supplication through prayer. I joked in an earlier post that a well placed meteorite might solve the problem. And later that God might send Angels visit the electors and motivate them properly. You and I can do nothing except follow Paul’s admonition to be good citizens and obey the law. But we can trust God to find a way to work His will. That might not be our Will, but we need to trust Him.

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