You may think it a minor point, but I would disagree.  This morning on NBC’s the Today Show reportette Katy Tur said “Trump claimed ‘falsely’ that Hillary wants to get rid of the 2nd Amendment.”  These reporters who claim to be unbiased feel free to editorialize on Republican statements, but it would be different with a statement by a Democrat.  If Hillary said “George W. Bush killed Grover Cleveland” it would have never occurred to Katy to insert the word “falsely.”  A statement this extreme would be lucky to get an “alleged” from Katy.  And if you asked her about it she would say she just reports the facts – she does not editorialize.

But on the subject of Hillary and the 2nd Amendment.  I say she is lying. She really does want to do away with it.  Like all liberals who want to make it impossible for the “people” to resist the government.  I wrote earlier in my blog that she said in  2004 that she truly believed that marriage was a “sacred bond” between a MAN and a WOMAN.  Now she says anything goes.  If you asked, she’d probably tell you she’s evolved on the issue.  In my experience in life I’ve observed that people’s moral compass doesn’t evolve much after 57.  So the only real question is whether she was lying in 2004 or is she lying now?  She is a dyed in the wool liberal.  She was an acolyte of Saul Alinsky.  You’d have a hard time finding someone farther to the left than Alinsky.  That tells me she was lying in 2004.  She has always been for same sex marriage.  It also tells me that she will be “for” the 2nd Amendment only until she has the opportunity to weaken it or do away with it.  The scary thing is a President Hillary appointing two, maybe three, Justices to the Supreme Court.  Say goodbye to the 2nd Amendment.


Hillary says a fetus is a person, but it has no legal protections. It is indeed a sick world we live in when you consider that an unborn Bald Eagle does have legal protections. In fact, if you destroy a Bald Eagle egg you are subject to fines and imprisonment. If you destroy an unborn person you become a hero of the Democratic Party.