Alright, what’s the story?  I keep hearing that Hispanics are actually quite conservative.  I keep hearing that you are serious about your Catholic beliefs and have a strong family orientation.  So why in the world are you following your leaders onto the Democratic Party plantation of hopelessness?

The Democrats have controlled cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Flint, Philadelphia and Los Angeles for years.  Baltimore City has been run by the Democratic Party for over a hundred years.  Since I live in Baltimore County and worked inside the City limits for about 20 years I am very familiar with the City of Baltimore.  Baltimore has middle class neighborhoods very similar to those anywhere in the U.S.  But it also has large swaths of the inner city that are depressing reservations of decay, drugs, crime and hopelessness.  This area is populated by people with low income jobs with almost no chance of improving their lot for a number of reasons and people who live on the government “dole” with almost no hope at all of ever having any other life.  This is the Democratic Party plantation.  And despite what politicians may tell you the middle class neighborhoods are getting  scarcer and the habitat of the poor is getting larger.

You’ve probably heard of the “Freddy Gray” case with the subsequent rioting.  It is not at all unusual to have some terrible event in the City covered by local TV.  A small child is killed in the crossfire of a drug related gun fight.  A witness in a big case is gunned down on the street.  You get the picture.  Inevitably, the reporter will talk to a resident of the neighborhood who will ask, “why doesn’t somebody do something?”  Why, indeed.  The question is, of course, rhetoric, because no government official has any real answer for it.  Eventually, some government or community official may propose a “program” to fix some perceived problem.  Oh, there have been lots of programs.  Sadly, none of them work.  Democrat politicians will tell you that some of them work and the others would work if they would just put more money into them.  But if they worked things would be getting better in Baltimore City and they are getting worse.  Many liberals and many conservatives have proposed programs to fix the City, but I have come to the conclusion that none of them can change the destiny of the City.

The only thing I can see that would save Baltimore City (and probably many others) would be a massive turning back to God by the people of Baltimore.  But the Democrats have outlawed God.  He has been expelled from the school system.  He has been deleted from the official functions of the City government.  Even many of the churches (the churches!) have turned their back to God.  Oh, they  embrace the sacraments of the Democratic Party like homosexuality, homosexual marriage and abortion.  But God’s words are rejected.

So this brings me back to you Hispanics.  Do you really want your leaders to escort you to the Democratic Party plantation?  Is that what you want for your kids?  Your grandchildren?  Your people?  It’s your choice.  And their consequences.  You can already see the results in the Hispanic neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  Do yourself a favor Hispanics and Google the name “Star Parker” and find out how she got herself off of the plantation.


… it seems there are still people reading my blog.  So I thought I might as well throw these snip-its out there.

WOW! Where to start? It seems a bunch of overpaid, self-indulgent, self-important people of color from the world of entertainment are upset with a bunch of overpaid, self-indulgent, self-important people of non-color from the world of entertainment on account of, for the second straight year, no people of color were nominated for an Academy Award. Obviously, the first remedy that comes to mind is quotas. Maybe the rules should be changed to require that at least half of the nominees and half of the winners must be to people of color. It was reported that Chris Rock observed that the Oscars are the “White BETs.” Maybe that’s a better idea. We’ll have the WETs and the BETs. Instead of “Oscars” we’ll call the awarded statuettes the Berts and the Ernies. In any case I would suggest to all you pinheads in Hollywood that you both replace your current statuettes with a reproduction of the MLK sculpture in D.C. as a reminder that everyone should be judged on the content of their character (and the quality of a specific performance) rather than the color of their skin.