A day or two ago I pointed out that Lakes Huron, Michigan and Erie set on a large circular basin of dolostone rock which is very hard and impervious to water. That basin extends all the way from Lake Erie to the place where Niagara Falls was originally located. While the water going over the Falls does not wear the dolostone, it does wear the limestone rock that underlies the dolostone and as the limestone base is undercut it creates a dolostone shelf or overhang. Eventually the weight of that overhanging dolostone will snap it off. This process causes the Falls to back up toward Lake Erie at a rate of 3 feet per year. In about 21,000 years the Falls will retreat the 12 miles to Lake Erie and when that happens all of the Lakes will drain out to a new level 180 feet lower than they currently are. (The height of the Falls.)

2 thoughts on “GREAT LAKES FACTOIDS – #1

  1. I am a believer that all things do have a reason. The ‘Little ol’Lady Who Swallowed A Fly’ was part of a plan that kept our universe going around and around. Some may call it similar to the ‘Butterfly Effect’ in our universe??? Can I call it an ‘action/reaction continuum’ in our universe??? Many accept the ‘Red Shift Theory’ that explains our expanding universe as a continuum . When the Great Lakes drain down that 180 ft. will there be a cycle/effect that is part of a continuum that He has designed??? Maybe I should fill my bath tub just in case He is going to try to drain some water sooner from the Lakes to get that lady to start swallowing some more ‘Red-Shifting-Butterflies’ to get this continuum started early??? NOPE!!! Instead, I’m just going to wait Him out and believe that there are many things that are beyond any human control. How can I possibly ever think of blowing out 21,071 candles on my birthday cake anyway when this happens??? Scarlett O’Hara said it best: “Oh well. tomorrow is another day.”


  2. On the subject of the Lakes, I don’t think it’s a real issue since in 20000 years the new ice sheet will be gouging out more material from the lake bottoms to make the lakes deeper and refilling them when they melt. On cosmology in general I think you might enjoy a book titled ‘Improbable Planet.’ I think the authors name was Hugh Ross. He points out that many things in the past had to occur just when they did and just the way they did in order for us to be here today. For instance, if our sun had been a tiny amount closer to or farther from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the material to support life and even advanced civilization would not have existed on earth to make that possible. He cites many, many examples of this sort of “intelligent design.”


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