A number of years ago environmentalists began running around like chickens bereft of their heads. They ran to the nearest microphones they could find to announce the demise of the Great Lakes due to global climate warming change. The proof was right there. The water levels of the Great Lakes was decreasing. Scientists swarmed over the Lakes to document the evidence that would forever drive the final nail into the pitiful arguments of the “deniers.”

After a year or so of study the scientists quietly published the results of their investigation. The top of the water wasn’t going down – the bottom of the Lakes was going UP! It’s called crustal rebound. During the last glacial maximum of the ice age there was a sheet of ice on the the North American continent that was more than a mile thick. The weight of all that ice depressed the earth’s crust, including the area of the Great Lakes. For the last 9,000 years since that ice melted the crust has been rebounding – as much as 1,800 feet in some places. If fact, the Toronto CN Tower appears to be getting higher every year. The land it sits on is rising one inch each year.


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