News is that Bradley/Chelsea Manning is on the short list for a pardon by POTUS Obama. So, while liberals are all up in arms against Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange they are in a forgiving mood when it comes to Manning. I wonder if it could have anything to do with pacifying the LGBTPMAR community. While POTUS is in such a forgiving state of mind I wonder if he might consider forgiving Stanley McChrystal. Manning violated an oath and a law by releasing national security secrets. McChrystal made a few disparaging (but TRUE) remarks about POTUS. That resulted in him being relieved of his command, which in military culture means ‘retire or else.’
Of course, I’m not silly enough (many say I’m silly, but I ain’t THAT silly) to believe that this POTUS would set aside a personal affront in the interest of national security. I do hold a hope that the incoming President will consider allowing Stanley A. McChrystal to reenter the Army at his most recent rank. Few officers have had a more distinguished career of service to his country. And while we’re on the subject of pardons I hope the new President will pardon that sailor who took a couple of personal photos inside the sub to which he was assigned.

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