Once again Matt Liar of the TODAY Show is showing his true colors (and media bias) by always referring to the ridiculous story about Trump trashing a European hotel room with the aid of prostitutes as “unverified charges ” This is the kind of language one would use about a story that is believed to be true, but can’t be said absolutely – yet. There is all kinds of evidence that this story is little more than a manufactured political smear campaign that a ‘never Trump’ agent tried to pass off months ago and could not even get Hillary’s campaign to buy.
NBC seems to have also had a religious conversion moment concerning fiscal ethics in their detailed critique of Trump’s legal steps to separate himself from his financial interests as POTUS. Some of us are shocked by NBC’s sudden appreciation of this subject. While all kinds of evidence of Hillary’s and Bill’s ‘pay-to-play’ Clinton Foundation shenanigans was turned up by others, NBC was completely uninterested.

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