NBC is at it again.  NBC, the other alphabet networks, the Obama administration’s spokespersons and the President himself have all been demonstrated many, many times to have “misinformed” the public. NBC’s big,explosive political story today is that CIA “sources” (unnamed sources you will note) are certain Russian intelligence services, directed personally by Putin, hacked the DNC to expose the DNC’s inner workings.  Meanwhile, Julian Assange, who, whatever you may think of his avocation, has never, ever, ever been demonstrated to have been incorrect in the materials he has released, says that he did NOT receive the DNC material from the Russians.  Associates of Julian say that the material was received from a disaffected DNC insider.

Of course, you would never know from Matt Liar’s presentation of the story that Assange has disputed the CIA claim.  You can be certain, though, if Hillary had won and the RNC had been the one hacked, Matt Liar would have presented the side of the story most favorable to Hillary.  Seems rather obvious that the polls that have revealed that the public is aware of the media’s bias have not had any influence on NBC’s news division.

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