I just saw a political ad on TV in which a woman who claims to be a Republican says that she cannot vote for Trump because he shook his hands around like (she says) something that people with Autism do.  So she is going to vote for Hillary Clinton.  She says she doesn’t always agree with Hillary, but she thinks she’ll be better than Trump.  I have said many times in this Blog that Trump may be a disaster, but Hillary will absolutely ruin the United States of America.

If Hillary becomes President we will start down a road that will take guns away from everyone EXCEPT the criminals.  Pastors who preach in their churches against homosexuality, same sex marriage and, in fact, anything that the Bible says is sin will be arrested.  You will eventually witness adults marrying animals and children.  Clinton’s answer to the deficit problem will be to pay our creditors with cheap dollars.  For all you nitwit halfwit liberals out there, that means severe inflation.  We will withdraw our support for Israel and turn against her and that will invite God’s wrath.  More important, Hillary’s election will symbolize the completion of the process started by Democrats in the early 60s that I have tried to document in this Blog of turning our back to God.  I do not know the mind of God and how He will respond to that, but I know what happened in the past when Israel turned its back to Him.  Even though the Jews are God’s people and are the object of God’s eternal promise to Abraham, when they turned their back on Him he withdrew His hedge of protection and His blessings from Israel.  And they suffered terribly.  Like many others I believe that America’s success over the first 200 years was the result of how our Founders’ words and writings honored God.  We were not perfect and certainly not His people like the Jews, but we did honor God.  Are any of you dumb enough to think that He will be more lenient on us than He was on His own people?

Turn back to God before it is too late.

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