I have pointed out previously that journalistic bias is evidenced by comparing the number of times a journalist will interrupt a conservative during an interview compared to the number of interruptions of a liberal. It was on full display today. George Stepinapileofdufus tossed softball after softball to Tim Kaine allowing him all the time he wanted to opine on the questions and wander off on other talking points – all without interruption. Then George interviewed (and I used that word loosely here) Trump’s campaign manager. It seemed like he interrupted her every sentence. She had trouble even completing a sentence.

Next up was Meet The Press with Chuck Toad. I can’t even remember who the liberal was. It might have been Mookie the Mook. But it was the same deal as with George. One softball question after another with all the time he wanted to make little campaign speeches. Then he talked to Mike Pence. Interruption hardly seems an applicable description. Chuck did more talking than Pence did. The Toad would actually ask a question and then challenge Pence before he could start his answer.

The most amazing thing is that some members of the media still have the chutzpah to pretend that they believe there is no bias in the media except for some conservatives like Limbaugh and Hannity.  Not that I’m signalling you out, Matt Liar.  Not at all.

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