OK, I’m a Republican. Here’s what I don’t understand. Why are Republicans so stupid? The world news headline this morning is that Trump’s wife “plagiarized” Michelle Obama’s speech from a previous convention. What are the possibilities? The first that comes to mind is that she or one of her aides listened to Michelle’s speech and subconsciously remembered those few phrases that showed up in last night’s speech. That would be unfortunate, but not even dumb. The second possibility is that someone who helped prepare the speech went into research and intentionally copied those phrases thinking no one would notice. Now that would be really stupid.
But that would not be as stupid as the way Republicans have responded to the questions about this from Matt Liar et al. At least Christie pointed out that the similar phrases comprised only a tiny portion of the speech. The response should be something along these lines – “Matt, Joe Biden, who was four and eight years ago, the candidate for Vice President of the U.S., is a documented plagiarist. Documented in the legal sense. Matt, have you ever, one single time, in either of the previous two Democratic conventions asked any Democrat on air about that fact.”
What bothers me most is that we Republicans are persistently stupid in dealing with Democrat and media attacks.


  1. Another scenario may be that if it worked for o’Bom ,then it may pull those same voters over to her Donnie boy… ( Mano E Mano? )


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