ABC is reporting that President Obama will sign an executive order intended to restrict the sale of “powerful assault trucks” in an effort to limit the threat of terrorist attacks. The order will include specifications that will define maximum sizes and capacities for trucks. ABC has obtained a photo (below) of the truck used as the model for the new specifications.

3 wheel truck

2 thoughts on “ASSAULT WHAT?

  1.       Did you notice the powerful catapult rear dump system of that baby?  It can fling a load of ‘Johnny-on-the-Spot’ as far as 100yds.    It’s powerful JohnDeere engine can’t be stopped because, ‘Nothing Runs Like A Deere.’    Note also the similar shape as of our ‘Stealth Bombers.’  So, never under estimate a truck by it’s cover !!!


  2. Back in the late 60s or early 70s my uncle in Dundalk got one very similar to the one in the photo just for fun. It was a Dihatsu with two seats (side by side) and a 10 HP air cooled engine between the seats. He let me drive it around the neighborhood. It was a gas, but top speed was only about 40 MPH.


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