I am going to do you a big favor even though you did not ask for one. One of the candidates for some position in City government was on FOX 45 this morning saying that the people of Baltimore City need more opportunity. Well, here’s the truth. Pretty much the ONLY opportunities in Baltimore City are for Demoncrat politicians and the patronage positions they can parcel out. That is because they are the Kapos who control the Demoncratic Party Plantation System – Baltimore Division. They trade bare subsistence housing, bare subsistence food, bare subsistence welfare payments and a few bare subsistence jobs in return for your votes, which enables the Demoncratic Party apparatus and the Kapos who run your City to get rich. Baltimore City schools get more money per student than ALL but 3 of the 13,000 school districts in the US. Meanwhile, your kids can’t read, they can’t do math and your schools are falling apart. How do you feel about that????

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