OK, here’s my idea.  Since the stupid swamp RINOs won’t repeal OboCare after promising to, why not just replace it with one tiny change to OboCare.  A minor change to the “opt-out” clause that would allow people to “opt-out” by paying a penalty just as now –OR– present proof of the purchase of an amount of health insurance equal to or greater than the penalty amount.  This could open up health insurance like the wild west.  People could buy the exact same policy they had before 2008.  Or they could purchase one of the Concierge plans that have become popular.  It would allow interstate insurance offerings, health savings plans and all sorts of innovative ideas.

There could be an executive branch commission that would certify that insurance companies meet minimum standards to operate as an insurance company (but would have no control over plans) and evaluate plans and post information on the Internet to assist citizens in choosing.

What would Dems complain about?  That people can stay in OboCare if they like it?  That people are sneaking out of OboCare to get the plan they had before 2008?  That people want to opt out of OboCare AND pay for some other plan?

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