First let me say thank you very much Bo, Diana and Steve for taking the time to interact with my blog.  I also appreciate everyone else who has visited the site.  I haven’t had much response yet, but I’ll try to hang in there.  I’ve got a “Dummies” book on blogging and hope to pick up some ideas to increase the site’s appeal.  In the meantime…

I found the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling especially interesting in one important way.  About a year ago the show 60 Minutes did a segment about a problem that BP has had with it’s agreement with the federal gummamint on processing claims by businesses and individuals harmed by the big oil spill.  It seems the agreement was, shall we say, “in-artfully” worded in one section that has allowed claims against BP that are, in fact, legalized fraud.  When BP asked the federal courts for relief from these fraudulent claims the court ruled that BP had signed the agreement and it did not matter what the intent of the agreement was.  What did matter was the literal reading of the “in-artful” clause.  Now SCOTUS has weighed in on intent vs. literal interpretation and created a precedence.  SCOTUS says that the intent takes precedence.  I am not a big fan of BP, but fair is fair.  This is not.  I certainly hope that BP will seek to re-litigate this issue.

1 thought on “JUST A FEW THOUGHTS

  1. My worries about the Supreme Court’s rulings began w/ Madalyn Murry v. Curlett, and the events that came from that outcome. BP to re-litigate, and for me the ruling on marriage, and what’s next?


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