In 1943 a young woman named Sophie Scholl was executed by guillotine in Germany. Her crime was attacking Adolph Hitler and his Nazi war machine. She belonged to an underground organization known as the “White Rose” which she worked in to produce printed materials which they surreptitiously distributed in an attempt to reveal the realities of the Nazi regime to the citizens of Germany. Being told she was going to be executed a Nazi official asked her if her actions were worth it. Her answer, “An end in terror is preferable to terror with no end.”

Thousands of Christians were executed, tortured or sent to concentration camps for opposing Hitler or shielding Jews from capture. Certainly not comparable to the millions murdered by the Nazis, but educational. You will hear many liberals claim that Hitler was a Christian, but they are either stupid of downright lying. Hitler made a pretense of being a Christian at the beginning of his quest for power to get support of the German citizenry. The fact is that Hitler believed in a mix of Aryan superiority and Norse myths of Valhalla, etc. This is well documented and anyone can find the truth on the internet – assuming they really want to know the truth. Most liberals are not really interested in the truth.

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