The Black State Attorney General Daniel Cameron of Kentucky seated a Grand Jury to examine the case of Ms. Breonna Taylor. The Grand Jury examined the case and returned a conclusion that the death of Ms. Taylor, while tragic, was not a crime. Demoncrats, BLM and all sorts of liberals are now ginning up would be rioters with charges that AG Cameron is a “tool of THE MAN,” an Uncle Tom and as “skin folk,” but NOT kin folk. I guess if George Zimmerman is a White Hispanic, then AG Cameron must be a “White Black.”

What FACTS did the Grand Jury have to go on. Regardless of what you heard or read in the lamestream media, a witness has come forth and testified that the Police did knock on Ms Taylor’s door and then announced that they were the police. The Police had a valid warrant to enter and search Ms Taylor’s apartment based on information provided by her ex-boyfriend that the apartment was being used in the sale of illegal drugs. When the door was not opened the Police kicked the door and entered the apartment. Ms Taylor’s current boyfriend shot two of the Policemen using a gun which, as a convicted felon, was illegal for him to possess. In legal justified self-defense the Police returned fire and in the ensuing hail of gunfire Ms Taylor was shot and killed. The resulting indictment of one Police Officer was for the fact that bullets he fired passed through the walls and “endangered” residents in other apartments – none of whom were injured.

The Demoncrats, BLM, the “slip and slide” lawyer representing Ms Taylor’s family and the lamestream media have chosen to ignore those facts. Why? They want protests and riots in an attempt to weaken President Trump’s standing with the voters. If you’re thinking, “they cannot be that disingenuous” you would be quite wrong. But that is a subject that must be set aside for another day.

BTW, there has been a lot of talk about “The Talk” that Black parents need to have with their children. Not about sex, but about surviving an encounter with the blood thirsty men in blue. I can give you all the information you need to share with your kids in order to survive. First, If a Police Office gives you an instruction – do what he says. Period. If you believe the instruction was illegal or immoral, wait until you get safely home and tell Mommy and/or Daddy. Second, never never ever put your hands where the Police Officer cannot see them. If you reach into a car and the Officer cannot see your hands you may be getting a gun. Even if he is pointing his gun at you as he yells at you to show your hands he could not stop you from wheeling toward him and firing a possibly fatal shot at him. He might even pull his trigger first, but it’s almost impossible for him to prevent you from firing that fatal shot. And here’s their “dirty” little secret – they want to go home that night every bit as much as you do. If you will follow the Officer’s directions and keep your hands at all times where he can see them I guaranty you will go home that night.

On the radio today I was hearing conversations about the arguments of BLM. If you say that more unarmed Whites are killed every year than Blacks, they will reply that there are fewer Blacks than White and the “per capita” number of Blacks killed is greater. But the simple facts are that Police have a much higher number of interactions with Blacks per capita because Blacks commit more crimes per capita. You won’t hear that on the alphabet network evening news, but it is a fact.

So while the Demoncrat Party wants violent protests to defeat Trump, BLM wants violent protest to create an atmosphere of chaos to push the communist agenda and Jesse Jackson, Al Shrimpton et al want violent protests so they can get richer, why don’t you just undertake a little project of your own to find out the real facts in this struggle.

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