Am I the only person who is sick and tired of the Gregorian-esque chants or teenage poet laureate recitals in TV commercials and PSAs these days about “caring” about others and “respecting” others and “unity” with others? I was able to manage those capabilities for 50 years with not a bit of help from these people. All I needed was the Bible.

The fact is that what they really believe – what they want you to do – especially if you are a conservative, is to give up your beliefs and accept their liberal standards of belief. Period. It is WELL DOCUMENTED that conservatives give a greater percentage of their income to charitable organizations than liberals. It is even documented that conservatives “TIP” better than liberals. Liberals want to manage your giving. Without your consent, BTW, and give it to causes they think are “deserving” and, BTW, “diverse.” So, if you feel that you don’t care as much as you should, you have a choice. If you feel so afflicted you can take advice from some chintzy puny cheapskate liberal or the Creator of the Universe. Just get yourself a Bible and start reading it.

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