OK, here’s the thing. I spent a while searching the internet trying to find some meaningful data on the killing of unarmed Blacks by Cops. You might think that would be easy, but you’d be wrong. Almost everything you find by Google search is by groups who, quite literally, want to make Cops look bad so they obscure the data in ways that do that. I finally decided to go with some pretty clear data contributed by the ultra liberal Washington Post.

According to the Post, between 2015 and August 2019, 285 unarmed Blacks were killed by Cops in the United States. Meanwhile, in a single year – 2019 – in a single U. S. City – Baltimore – there were 348 murders. These were almost all murders committed by Black men. Almost all the victims were Black and most were young men.

So today, as you hear reports of all left wingnut groups marching in the streets of America’s cities or the Colin Kraperdinks of sports are taking a knee, give a thought to the thousands of young Black men who will be murdered in those cities by other young Blacks this year unmourned as those left wingnuts are in their University safe spaces sucking their thumbs and praising Marx, Alinsky and Howard Zinn.

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