Today the lamestream media is full of stories about the indignation by Democrats and a few Republicans over the fact Trump was about to meet with members of the Taliban. Their reasoning is this – the Taliban allowed Al-Qaeda to run bases in Afghanistan to train people. Some of those people did some things. Specifically, they hijacked airliners and used them to kill 2500 Americans. September 11, 2001 is a day most of us, including myself, will not forget. Now, only 18 years later Trump (a New Yorker, BTW) was going to meet with them about concluding an agreement that would allow America to disengage from that country.

I recall another conflict. In 1950 North Korean armed forces invaded South Korea. Early in the conflict the US and its UN allies pushed the North Koreans back into their country and as a result, China sent forces into Korea to rescue those of the North. In the Korean war more than 50,000 Americans died. Most died at the hands of Chinese forces. However, when Nixon visited China to meet Mao 21 years after that Chinese aggression, there were no complaints – not even by Democrats and the lamestream media acted as if the visit was “magical.”

Then, of course, there was Viet Nam. It is now known that Russian personnel were operating radar and anti-aircraft batteries that were killing American airmen. Yet, when Reagan met Gorby less than 20 years later there was no outrage. And we must not forget the PLO. They killed thousands of westerners – some were Americans. Yet there was no call for Clinton’s head when he brought Arafat to Camp David.

Finally, I seem to recollect that one Barry Obama said that he was willing to meet with the leader of Iran “without preconditions.” Of course, we don’t know if he would have invited that leader to Camp David or not. However, we do know that Iran played a major support role in the deaths of most of the Americans who died in Iraq after the fall of Sadam. The media was most supportive. And Barry did give them a couple of billion dollars.

But how dare Trump invite the Taliban to talk. Orange man BAD !

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