OK, there it is right there at 636 E 35th St, Chicago, IL. It is a giant monument to slavery advocate Stephen Douglas. Maybe they gave him such tall monument because he was so tiny both physically and morally. There are probably a dozen other monuments to this moral pipsqueak around the country. Leftist historians have been trying to get him off the hook for his leadership in the fight for slavery for many years. But his opponent in the 1860 presidential campaign, one Abraham Lincoln, pegged him as one of the 4 greatest proponents of slavery in the US.

It is quite curious then that the black uniformed fascist imbeciles of “ANTIFA” have shown not the teeniest tiniest interest in ridding society of this monster. They would rather attack the poor Confederate schlubs who were mostly dirt poor farmers and never even owned a slave, but who have been memorialized in some kind of public display to recognize their sacrifices.

BTW, our nation is also littered with monuments to the other 3 slavery advocates identified by Lincoln – Roger Taney, Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Those monuments, too, seem quite safe from the wrath of ANTIFA.



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