“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves …”

A baby bird inside the egg has a little hook on the end of its beck that disappears as it grows. How does the bird inside the egg know to use that hook to free itself from the shell? When a baby mammal is born it has a natural “instinct” to suckle. How does it know to do that? A spider emerges from its egg knowing how to spin a web. Since its mother is dead it cannot learn that from her. How does it know how to do that?

Scientist’s have said for some time that most of the genes in DNA are just “junk.” But somewhere, lurking among our genes, is not only the instructions to make a bird or a mammal or a spider, but some sort of genetic programming that tells the creature how to get started. How to eat, how to react to certain stimuli and even how to walk, crawl, swim or fly.

There’s a Nobel Prize and at least a million dollars awaiting some smart young Turk who figures out how that programming works and how to decode it.

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