I heard on the news today that John McCain’s family has told Trump that he is ‘persona non grata’ at the Senator’s funeral. This is quite interesting.

Quite welcome at the event will be a bunch Democrats, mostly Party leaders. Why do I find this interesting? Trump has made some ‘inartful’ comments about McCain. Not surprisingly, McCain took those comments personally and has not missed an opportunity to “give it to Trump.” In 2008 those same Democrats who will be welcomed to McCain’s funeral and who will lionize him no end invented and promoted a canard – a big lie – about McCain. The story was that young Naval aviator McCain was a careless showoff whose recklessness started a fire on the USS Forrestal while stationed off Viet Nam that killed over 130 sailors. Then, because his Dad was an Admiral, the Navy covered up his misdeeds. Like the so-called “Steele Dossier” this story was a complete fabrication peddled by the Democrat Party. Apparently McCain’s family has no problem with this story. Or maybe it’s just another opportunity to “give it to Trump.”

Here are some facts. McCain was a hero both in his time at the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ and aboard the Forrestal when the fire occurred as I have detailed previously on this Blog which can be found by searching for the string “Forrestal” if you’re interested.

Being a hero does not constitute a free pass to say and do stupid things. In the 2016 campaign McCain promised many many times to repeal ObamaCare. When the time came to deliver on that promise McCain chose to “give it to Trump” rather than keep his promise. McCain was a hero of Viet Nam, but he was not the perfect man the Democrats will insist upon at the funeral. Perfect people are in short supply on this side of eternity and McCain had feet of clay like you and me. Remember the “Keating Five?” McCain and 4 Democrats were associated with the collapse of a savings and loan institution that cost many people their life savings and American taxpayers several billion dollars. McCain and John Glenn got off with reprimands from the Senate.

In case you wondered why those Democrats would want to confer sainthood upon McCain at all, I will tell you. The Democrats have been since his death and will after his funeral weaponize McCain’s passing to “give it to Trump” a few more times. The Democrats would never do something so vile you say? Anybody remember Paul Wellstone’s memorial service? Some of those who organized that service have expressed shame at the way their efforts were weaponized by the Democratic Party to take advantage of Wellstone’s death for political advantage.

The Democrats, the entertainment industry, the lamestream news media and academia have all committed to doing anything and everything to get rid of Trump and stop him from keeping his promises. If the Dems take control of the House they WILL impeach him. Even if they can’t win the case in the Senate it will tie his administration up so that he can do nothing to keep his campaign promises. If you do not want that to happen then YOU need to VOTE in November. If the choice is between a Democrat and a RINO, hold your nose and vote for the RINO.

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