This week I had a very sad, but very educational experience. A person with whom I attended school from the 1st grade through the 12th grade found that she had a “gift” that enabled her to look into the depths of my heart and soul and identify me as a bigot, a homophobe and a couple of other rather contemptible things. This surprised me. I had always liked this person and, in fact, she had asked me in the 2nd or 3rd grade to be her boyfriend. I guess I was quite naive because I had not the slightest idea what that meant. I’m sure she doesn’t remember that and if she did I’m sure, now that she’s probed the depth of my obviously vile nature, she would deny it. This is extra sad for me since I always admired her. She participated in just about every school activity possible, but was still able to be in the National Honor Society. Considering her current evaluation of my nature I guess I dodged a bullet on that ‘boyfriend’ thing, though.

She is not the first liberal “blessed” with that gift of being able to gauge the depths of my heart and soul. They do it all the time on Facebook. And not just me. It turns out that liberals can see into the most secret thoughts and beliefs of anyone who disagrees with them to reveal all these “deplorable” evidences of hatred, bigotry, homophobia, sexism – whatever – you name it.

It turns out, though that I, too, have a “gift.” I am able to classify almost all liberals in two groups. The first group consists primarily of average liberals who really want to help people. The problem is they are stupid. The second group consists the liberal leaders who care only about power and, in many cases, money. The problem with them is that they are evil.

Now when I say the first group is stupid that is not necessarily a comment on IQ. What it does mean is that they have imbibed the claptrap Kool Aid dispensed by the second group. This is part of the reason they will not respond to confrontation with logical arguments. All they have are accusations that they go back to over and over. “You’re a bigot.” “You’re a homophobe.” “Trump is a fascist.” “Trump is a dictator.” Wouldn’t you think a liberal could pump up their brain enough to have a cogent thought or two? If Trump was a fascist and a dictator, liberals would be languishing in concentration camps.

The second group of liberals are the leaders. They actually comprise the main inhabitants of the “swamp” that Trump often talks about. These people have no goal other than their own interests. They have become experts at bending logic and mispresenting truth. The “lie” is their coin of the realm. They are not the only denizens of the swamp. Recent events provoked by Trump have revealed that a significant number of Republicans who profess to be conservative are, in fact, fellow travelers with the liberal leaders. But that’s a subject for a different rant on my part.

The amount of power these ‘leaders’ wield is amazing. The first entry in my Blog was about Bill Cosby. I was a gigantic fan of his in the 60s. I could recite most of his comedy routines verbatim. From the 70s through the early 2000s he became a liberal icon. Then, inexplicably, he began to espouse occasional conservative thoughts and ideas. Suddenly a stream of women began to come out of the woodwork charging the ‘Cos’ with years old violations of their personal dignity. That’s what happens when you step off today’s liberal plantation. You must be punished. Had the Cos the sense to ‘shuffle’ back onto the plantation and renounce his conservative leanings, all those charges would have melted back into the woodwork. But he did not and they did not. This should serve as a warning to Charles Barkley and Kanye West. Soledad O’Brien has already swatted at Kanye pretty hard. The swamp leaders have you guys in their cross-hairs – watch your step.


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