OK, ol’ George Stepinapileofpoopus is up to his old tricks. In his efforts to help the Democrats (with ABC’s blessing) he was in full attack mode against the “Memo” yesterday. To open the show he “interviewed” Adam Schiff, the chief Dem on the ‘Trump Collusion Committee. Now, Adam is a lying scumbag right from the start. Several times prior to James Comey’s public appearance before the committee, reporters asked him if Trump was under investigation. Every time he said he did not know. But when Comey testified publicly he said that he had informed the committee several times that Trump was not under investigation. So every time Schiff was asked if he knew he did, in fact, know that Trump was not under investigation, but lied and said he did not know. Anyway, I’m a little hesitant to say that George “interviewed” Schiff. A better description would be to say that George tossed him some softballs and stood back while Schiff made short speeches.

Then George “interviewed” Will Hurd, a GOP member of the same committee. I hesitate, also, to call this an “interview.” What happened was that George would ask a question, after which I counted at least 10 times he interrupted Hurd’s attempt to answer. Not only did he interrupt, but several of the interruptions were not just other questions. Several of the interruptions were to argue with Hurd about his partially given answer. There’s nothing really new in this behavior. In fact, it is pretty much standard fare for George, his occasional stand in, Martha Rabbits and for that matter, NBC’s Chuck Toad on Meet the Press.

Then George brought in his “round table.” The round table consisted of (counting George) 4 ‘Trump haters,’ 1 GOP ‘never Trumper’ and 1 former member of Trump’s team. So it was 5 to 1. I’ll leave you to gaze into your crystal ball and figure out how that conversation went.

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