This morning on ‘Meet the Press,’ Chuck Toad interviewed Nancy Pelosi. She insisted that Franken and Conyers should be accorded ‘due process.’ This despite the fact that their sex offenses are relatively contemporary, well documented and self confessed. On the other hand, she persisted in referring to Roy Moore as a ‘child molester’ over and over. No due process for Moore. Not one interruption by Chuck Toad to point out that those are ‘allegations’ 40 years after the fact that he has denied. But then that’s how Democrats work. She uses the term 4 or 5 times – ‘child molester’ – uncorrected and unchallenged. Remember when Dirty Harry Reid ran around saying that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in years during the 2012 campaign? When later confronted about this lie he said it didn’t matter because Obama won. Put a lie in peoples’ ears over and over and it has an effect on peoples’ thinking. That is the Democrat Party for you. Lie, lie and lie again. And it’s the same mantra of the alphabet networks.

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