Among the largest school districts in the US, Baltimore City receives more money per student than any other school district in the State. In fact, In the entire U.S. there are only four (4) school districts that receive more money per student than Baltimore City. This probably doesn’t surprise you considering the sparkling reputation the City has for quality edumacation.
So it must be surprising to learn that Baltimore is just about on track to end the year with a murder for every day of the year. Measured in murders per capita, I think the City is way ahead of Chicago. Yesterday an 18 year veteran city policeman was gravely wounded on a city street. There has been a spate of attacks by gangs of teens against individuals in the city (here’s a secret you must tell to no one – the gangs are Black teens and almost all the victims are whites. Shhhh … don’t tell anybody) The morning local news shows are flush with Baltimore politicians demanding ‘programs’ to curb the violence. Previous Baltimore ‘programs’ included politicians calling upon the miscreants to ‘take a weekend off’ from their felonious ways. You get 1 guess how well that worked out.
Sadly, I must inform the residents and leaders of Baltimore City that it is too late to do much of anything. In the early 60s the liberal establishment threw God out of our schools. Since then these liberals have been progressively doing all they can to squeeze God out of our culture. They have paid young women to create single parent homes. In short, we have a generation of kids raised without God and without fathers to guide them. This is a perfect prescription for a ‘lost generation’ of children. Their personalities are formed – just about impossible to change.
So you might as well get used to it. Especially if you live in the City. And as long as Democrats control the City each generation will be worse than the previous one. This problem was aptly described in the Bible. ‘We have sown the wind and now we are reaping the whirlwind.’
Oh, and all you other counties in Maryland, nay, in the U.S., if you do not already have your own ‘lost generation,’ you soon will. The liberals threw God out of ALL the schools. Any display of Godly things is being daily suppressed. Ten Commandments out of Court Houses. Law suits are being filed every day to get any Godly influence or observance out of the public domain. It is coming.

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