On Christmas, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab planned to board a jumbo jet with 2.6 ounces of explosive secreted in his underpants. The fact that he had been wearing the briefs for 3 consecutive weeks was a contributing factor in his interception by authorities. But I digress.

The issue at hand is the continuing efforts of Muslim extremists to terrorize Americans however possible. In light of this we must remember that the enemy learns from its failures. Training would be suicide bombers to only wear their weaponized skivvies the day of the intended attack is only one aspect of their effort.

Furthermore, disturbing reports from American intel sources reveal that mid-east terrorist operatives are developing a new generation of weaponized underwear utilizing so-called “high capacity’ underpants. Boxer briefs and boxer underpants are being developed that can carry as much as 7 ounces of explosive material. Possible development of an even more powerful device in the form of long underwear could deliver more than 20 ounces of deadly explosives.

Based on this information it is imperative that the public demand of our elected officials new laws banning the production of high capacity underpants. No reasonable person needs boxer briefs, boxers or long underwear. So the next time you hear someone say, “Boxers or briefs?” You make sure they know you stand for briefs. The NUA (National Underwear Association) must be held to account. This madness must stop!

1 thought on “DANGER LURKING

  1. If that part of their underwear gets blown up, will all those virgins make any difference? Another thing that I’ve wondered about, are those virgins: boys, or sheep, or even little piggies… do they ever wonder about this question? Sure bet they’d stop killing themselves if the word did get out???


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