As a young teen I was the typical football fan. More specifically a Baltimore Colts fan. I lived and died with the Colts. I became physically sick after some of the more frustrating losses. You can ask my sister. I remember one game in which Unitas threw a TD pass to my hero Lenny Moore with less than a minute left in the game to take the lead over the Lions. After the kick-off the Colts anticipated that the Lions QB (I think it was Earl Morrel before he came to the Colts) would try to throw all passes to the sidelines to conserve time. Instead the QB sent all the backs and receivers to the sidelines EXCEPT the tight end who almost leisurely trotted down the center of the field and caught a lob pass to win the game.  I erupted at both ends.
Then Bullet Bob Ersay came to town. After a number of infuriating statements and personnel moves, Bullet Bob brought in a herd of Mayflower moving vans on a snowy night at the end of March, 1984 and took MY Baltimore Colts to some hick town in the Midwest. It is fortunate I was no longer a teen when this happened or I probably would have slashed my wrists or jumped off a tall building.
That night in 1984 robbed me of any interest in football. In fact, it pretty much robbed me of any interest in following sports. Oh, I still participated in sports with friends and co-workers – the typical middle age stuff. But when it comes to watching any TV sports, I couldn’t care less. Actually I should probably thank Bullet Bob, if he was still alive. Stop and consider the amount of time the average male spends watching sports on TV. I’ve had that time to do more interesting and productive things.
OK, here’s where I’m going with all this. Today I wished that all of the above had not happened. After hearing what the Ravens did during the National Anthem today, I wished that I was still a big fan of football simply so that I could vow to never watch another Raven’s game – ever. So if I he hadn’t and I hadn’t and I still was and therefore could, I would feel so great.

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