A few months ago I posted some observations about the fact that the scientific consensus, backed by the power of the Federal Gummamint had led to people making the wrong decisions in thier food choices. I wrote that it turns out that, despite Gummamint intransigence, eggs, butter and meats are good for you. At the same time, dietary strategies pushed by the Gummamint are bad for you.
For those few of you who actually read that post, but thought I was just blowing smoke, I recommend two alternatives. The easy one is to go to your library and check out ‘National Geographic’ for June, 2017 and turn to page 136. There you will find extensive excerpts from the not-so-easy alternative – the book ‘Pandora’s Lab: Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong’ by Paul Offit, MD. This book is probably also available at your library. I’m going to do you a big favor and summarize the entire subject in one sentence from the book. “By urging people to eat margarine instead of butter, said a Harvard doctor, ‘we were often sending them to their graves prematurely.’ ” Don’t say I didn’t warn you ! ! !

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