The “Lame stream media” has gone absolutely nuts. I know they really want to get rid of Trump, but to just come out with blatant lies makes me wonder how they can look in the mirror without puking. They’ve done similar things to Mitt and ‘W’ and even to McCain, but they’ve just gone ballistic now.

Trump makes a statement condemning violence and hatred by anyone and that tags him as a ‘White Supremacist.’ So he goes on TV to clarify and he condemns by name the groups he has been criticized for not naming earlier and the media interpretation is that it is proof that he is a bigot.

Funny how selective the media is. When Grand Kleagle of the KKK, Robert Byrd died, Hillary Clinton described him as a “mentor” to her. No one in the media has ever questioned her views on civil rights. And, when Bill Clinton eulogized Byrd he said that we all had to cut Bob a little slack for his involvement with the Klan, because you could not advance in the Democratic Party unless you were in the Klan. That’s a pretty … surprising admission I’d say. As to Byrd’s periodic slips in uttering the “n” word, the Democrats punished him by making him President Pro Temp of the senate. Another interesting connection is the fact that Bill Clinton said that his mentor was William J. Fulbright. Fulbright and Byrd were 2 of 19 Senators (all Democrats) who signed the ‘Southern Manifesto’ opposing integration. Again – where was the media? Actually, to be truthful, I already know. They were part of a vast left-wing conspiracy making up lies about Republicans being part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to cover up for Democrats’ racist activities.

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