The Sunday talk shows this morning were full of happy reports by the shows’ hosts that the Senate had “defied” President Trump. This is a lie. The Senate has defied the American people who will continue to suffer under ObamaCare because it is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do – FAIL !

There are, right now, several great health care plans in effect that are giving people good health services at a fraction of the cost of ObamaCare. You haven’t heard about them? You can thank the lame stream media which is ‘all in’ for socialized medicine. Google ‘Concierge medicine’ to find out more.

I’m lucky. I have the same doctor and plan that I had before ObamaCare ruined everything and I’m 71 so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. The AMA and all the doctors the alphabet networks can find like ObamaCare, but for some strange reason my doctor hates it. I could just say screw you all – go ahead and mess up health care for your kids and grand kids with socialized medicine. But for some reason I do care.

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