When the Founding Fathers created this country they wrote a novel document that said that our rights come from God not man. Based on that principle they believed that the gummamint is to serve the people and NOT the other way around. Over the years and especially since FDR it has become ‘the other way around.’ The gummamint believes the people are to serve it and like sheep we have accepted that. Reagan recognized it, verbalized it and inspired people, but he tried to work with those who thought the people should serve the gummamint so his progress was limited and slid back into the ‘swamp’ after he left office. Unfortunately, much of the Republican Party has joined the Democrats as masters of the swamp and thereby masters of the people. Now someone comes along and says we have to drain that swamp. An apt image. Now every denizen of the swamp has declared war on Trump and will do anything they can to keep the swamp. So how about you? Should we serve the gummamint or do you like that novel idea that the gummamint should serve the people? Only ‘the people’ can make that happen.

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