“What we have here…” is an attempt by the radical left to seize power.  They thought that they were going to get it by the election of Hillary which was a ‘done deal’ that literally fell through.  Now, totally incensed, the left is determined to seize power regardless.  It has been said of the Viet Nam War, “we won all the battles, but lost the war.”  This was thanks to the overwhelming assistance of the media.  There are two important differences now.  The first is that the media is even more in the tank for the left now than it was then.  The tactics then as now are straight out of the play book of Herbert Marcuse with an added assist now by Hilliary’s hero, Saul Alinsky, and his book ‘Rules for Radicals.’  This is evident in the suppression of opposition speech and the use of street thuggery against anyone who dares to oppose leftist doctrine.  The second difference now is that the left is in total control of the Democratic Party (Pro-lifers need not apply) as can be seen in the Democrats’ strategic efforts to castrate the Trump Presidency.

As to the issue of this current flap about Comey’s firing, I would like to see the following.  Trump should appoint, as the Democrats are demanding, a Special Prosecutor.  And that Special Prosecutor should be Joe Digenova.  To those who would complain that Joe is practically a Republican operative, I would point out that Joe has a proven record of success as a Special Prosecutor.  And then I would stuff it down the Democrats’ throats.  I’m not an expert, but I don’t believe Trump needs any approval from Congress or anyone else to appoint a Special Prosecutor.  The Dems will scream bloody murder for a while, but we all know a special prosecution can go on for years.  And here is the most important point.  In his charge to Digenova, Trump should direct him to investigate ALL actions by the Russians within the LAST 10 YEARS to influence the American system of government or our economy.  This would naturally put within the purview of Mr. Digenova not only this most recent election, but things like business deals for Uranium rights and associated charitable donations, or emails made easily hackable by improper storage, etc., etc., etc.  So any complaints about Comey’s firing or investigation of Russian influence can be deflected with, “it’s in the hands of the Special Prosecutor.”  And all the while Joe will be ‘out there’ – digging, digging, digging.  Uranium.  Closet servers. hee, hee, hee

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