Hearing the latest rant by that lying sack of scum, Algore, led me to take note of a humorous sidelight to the whole global climate warming change thingy.  Even though we are still almost 3 degrees cooler than the average for the last three interglacial periods, we are getting close to the time frame for the end of the current interglacial period and the beginning of the temperature slide that will result in the next glacial maximum.  That slide could begin in a thousand years.  Or it could start tomorrow. The important thing to remember about the next glacial maximum is exactly that.  So instead of worrying about a rise of a couple of inches in the sea level everybody should be worrying about lots and lots of ice.  For instance, what are the Canadians going to do when 95% of Canada is covered by a mile thick layer of ice?  You might think they will sneak across the US border to live in the US. Just one little problem.  The states of Washington, Oregon, all of New England, New York and all the northern states in between are going to have more than a half mile of ice sitting on them.  Where will all those folks from those northern states take refuge?  Consider how much farm land will be overwhelmed by ice.  So, instead of worrying about warming, all you knuckleheads should be worrying about the cold ’cause it’s gonna get cold, baby!  Take my word for it, in the next 40 or 50,000 years the kids are going to have more school days cancelled than you can possibly imagine.

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