Representative Lewis, I’ve got a news flash for you.  Being an ‘Icon of the Civil Rights Movement’ does not constitute a free pass to lie and say stupid things.  At least not any longer.  There’s a new sheriff in town and if you decide to take a shot at him with lies and stupid statements he is going to fire back.  He is not one to suffer fools and liars lightly.  I know that you are accustomed to anyone you attack just sitting there and taking it because you are an ‘Icon of the Civil Rights Movement’ or maybe even trying to apologize to stem your wrath.

The lamestream media, too, is aghast that someone – anyone – would dare stand up to an ‘Icon of the Civil Rights Movement.’  This deference to you Mr. ‘Icon of the Civil Rights Movement’ was well demonstrated this morning on Meet the Press with Chuck Toad’s interview with Reince Priebus.  Chuck couldn’t wait to interrupt Priebus.  In fact, I think on one occasion he actually interrupted Priebus before he started to answer the previous question.  On the other hand, your NBC interview, Mr. ‘Icon of the Civil Rights Movement’ was almost reverent.  Before your interview the Democrats were more measured in their characterization of the Russian election influence.  After your pronouncement that Trump’s election was illegitimate, your fellow Democrats have been unleashed.  Just this morning on Meet the Press Diane Feinstein parroted your lie.  The whole Democratic Party will likely jump on the bandwagon very soon.  Then, too, the race-baiters –  Jesse, Al and others will be on board in short order.  And, of course, the media will join in.  All of this to try to destroy Trump’s Presidency with your lie.  But this is what I want everybody to remember.  When your lie leads to riots in the cities and there are bodies in the streets it will be on you, not Donald Trump.  I didn’t know Martin Luther King, but I’ll bet if he is aware of what’s going on right now he is ashamed of what you’ve done.

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