I cannot be the only person who has noticed that TODAY SHOW host Matt Liar always describes Trump’s charges of “rigging” as “unsubstantiated.”  He never feels the need, however, to apply that word to Hillary’s and Kaine’s matter-of-fact statements that Russia is behind her incriminating emails.  On the issue “rigging,” the Trump campaign has stated that it is referring primarily to the media’s undeniable bias in trying to assure the victory to Hillary.  If memory serves, I believe Bernie Sanders made the same charges.  Charges which were, it turned out, “substantiated.”

When New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas appeared as a panelist on the Sunday Today Show with Willie Geist he found himself unable to speak clearly for a moment.  After some mumbling and stumbling he managed to get out a few phrases about journalistic responsibility and integrity and bias. He had trouble sticking words together in a coherent sentence. Obviously he wanted to say something, but was having trouble expressing himself.  I can translate for you and tell you exactly what he was trying to say. What he wanted to say was, “Donald Trump is such a threat to ‘constitutional order’ that the media was duty bound to abandon any pretense of reporting the facts in an unbiased fashion and do whatever may be necessary to elect Hillary Clinton. Forget about journalist integrity.”  Had I been there I would have advised him that most journalists had long ago forgotten about integrity.

On the subject of ballot “rigging” I would like to point out that there is substantiation.  No serious person would deny that voter intimidation is common in the city of Philadelphia.  Or, that there have been precincts in which the number of Democrat votes exceeds the number of voters in that precinct.  Part of the problem with “substantiated” vote fraud is that it occurs in Democrat dominated areas.  Chicago seems a good example.  In Baltimore City’s most recent primary there were charges of voter fraud made by Democrats against Democrats, but after the election they were quietly dropped in the name of Party unity.

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